Latest Papers

Geometrically necessary dislocation densities in olivine obtained using high-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction
D Wallis, LN Hansen, TB Britton, AJ Wilkinson
Ultramicroscopy (2016) vol. 169 34-45

On the effects of reorientation and shear transfer during twin formation: comparison between high resolution electron backscatter diffraction experiments and a crystal plasticity finite element model
H Abdolvand, AJ Wilkinson
Int J Plasticity (2016) vol. 84 160-182

Tutorial: Crystal orientations and EBSD — Or which way is up?
TB Britton, J Jiang, Y Guo, A Villata-Clemente, D Wallis, L Hansen, A Winkelmann, AJ Wilkinson
Materials Characterization (2016) vol. 111 113-126

Assessment of X-ray diffraction and crystal plasticity lattice strain evolutions under biaxial loading
TO Erinosho, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, RI Todd, FPE Dunne
Int J Plasticity (2016) vol. 83, 1-18

Assessment of residual stress fields at deformation twin tips and the surrounding environments
H Abdolvand, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia (2016) vol. 105, 219-231

Sample size effects on grain boundary sliding
J Gong, AJ Wilkinson
Scipta Materialia (2016) vol. 114, 17-20

A study of dislocation transmission through a grain boundary in hcp Ti-6Al using micro-cantilevers
R Ding, J Gong, AJ Wilkinson, IP Jones
Acta Materialia (2016) vol. 103, 416-423


Hong Kong1
Hong Kong2
Building Bridges in Hong Kong
Dave Collins and Ed Tarleton spent a week at the Chinese University of Hong Kong running a Material Science course in a summer school organised by St Anne’s College. The summer school ran for 4 days, selecting 16-year old students local to Hong Kong. The Materials day was attended by a total of 100 students. The hands-on activities they organised by Ed and Dave included building bridges using lollipop sticks, then testing them to fracture- some of them weighing just 100g were strong enough to withstand 20kg! The students also got to see how Materials Science is important to sound devices, building and testing speakers, then examining resonance effects and standing wave patterns in a vibrating Chladni plate.

Advanced Nuclear Materials Platform Grant
EPSRC have awarded a 4 year, £1.3M Platform Grant to the Materials for Fusion and Fission Power team led by Prof Steve Roberts. Grant activities span across processing, characterisation, and properties of advanced structural materials for applications in nuclear fission and fusion reactors. Micromechanics will be a key aaspect of the work especially in examining the irradiation response of key materials. The funding will support early-career postdoctoral researchers (ECRs) in a flexible manner tailored to their individual career trajectories, resources for mentorship, opportunities for new skills training, and allow ECRs to develop their own research ideas.

MFFP Group
Which way is up?
We have lost count of the number of person hours we have spent making sure that reference frames are correctly understood and described. This is absolutely vital for successful comparison of data between experiments, say EBSD and X-Ray DAXM or 3DXRD, and of course for transferring information to crystal plasticity simulations. Its seems like every time we setup a new instrument or go to a synchrotron beamline we haven't used before we have a slightly unsettling period while we establish and gain confidence that we have the important reference frames properly pinned down. Last time we went through this proces with EBSD kit in our labs we decided to write down the procedures in some detail. As we can't possibly be the only ones facing these issues we have shared our approach by publishing it (open access) in Materials Characterization. Hopfully this might be a useful resource to other groups and we would certainly welcome any feedback and/or approaches in use elsewhere. Establishing best practice on this is in everyones interest.

Meet us at

TMS 2017
TMS 2017

San Diego, CA, 26 Feb - 2 March 2017
- several members of the group will be attending including Dave Collins, Jicheng Gong and AJW

RMS 2017
RMS Workshop and Conference on EBSD 2017

Oxford, UK, 4-5th April 2017
- the group will be hosting this meeting at Lady Margaret Hall

MRS logo
MRS Spring Meeting 2017

Pheonix, AZ, 17th-21st April 2017
- invited presentation by AJW in Symposium NM9—High-Performance Metals and Alloys in Extreme Conditions

IUTAM Symposium on Integrated Computational Structure-Material Modeling of Deformation and Failure under Extreme Conditions 2016

Baltimore, MD, 19–22 June 2016
- invited presentation by Angus W