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Don McKenzie on June 5, 1996

This site has been set up in honour of D.F. McKenzie
Professor of Bibliography & Textual Criticism at the University of Oxford (1989-1996).

 The launch of this site has been timed so as to give McKenzie fans the world over the chance to experience the celebrations that marked his 65th birthday on June 5 1996 - a day that turned out to be quite a surprise to Professor McKenzie himself.

The Guide to June 5, 1996: Images and Text

A Brief Biography

An Unofficial Bibliography

The McKenzie Trust and McKenzie Lectures 1996-

Scribal Publication in the later Twentieth Century: The Sandars Lectures

In 1962, Professor McKenzie founded
the Wai-te-ata Press at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

A brief account of the Press by Sydney J. Shep can be found in The Book Collector, vol. 45 (1996), pp.457-75. 

December 10, 1997: Professor McKenzie received an honorary doctorate from the Victoria University of Wellington - the text of the citation is available

September 1999: The Victoria University of Wellington offers a special PhD scholarship to honour the research interest of Professor McKenzie

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