The Quotes Book
With an 80% incest ratio what the hell do they do for socials?Mark
I stayed in bed with Andy talking about oral sex until 5 in the morningCath
Alan is a dirty limerick kind of man?
Mark: 'Is XXX better than the Bourne Identity?' Cath: 'Of course it is, XXX is 600 which is better than 490' Mark: 'Huh?' (A portsmouth I guess)
I was playing with it in bed (her riser...apparently)Laura
Vanessa: 'I used to play strip poker at shcool' Mark: 'But wait, you went to an all girls school'
There's always going to be boys around to do itVanessa
I've not done any groping in a long timeLaura
I was doing so much gratuitous groping it was unbelieveableCath
Find me some young virginsJon
You can dance around while I wear my sunglassesJon
I am a gay iconAlan
I was in a world of my own fiddleing with my equipmentVanessa
Have you ever eaten 5 mini baby bells to get really good dreamsAndy
Cheese is chocolate for menAndy
We're going home in the van of luuurve'Laura
What did you just do, strangle a smurf?Mark, On seeing Antje's hands stained blue
We can't get drunk more than once a fortnight (not particularly well received!)Rachel
Even if it is just in your bedroom with a training aid...Cath
I do officially apologise for the thigh stroking incidentRachel (& maybe Ben)
Now Jakob has gone I've not only lost my nemisis but my pre-match smoke!Ollie
What do you think I am? The doughbury pills boy - a confectious come drug dealerAlan to Cath
growing your hair is like trying to poo upwards?
go on, embrace your inner whore, find someoe else to embrace it tooOllie
'I was lathered up by a giant baby,' about her latest experience at a Wadham Queer bop.Cath
'Andrew is the Kama Sutra of our relationship'Rachel
I'll have a multiple screaming orgasm - I'm easy.Laura
Would you like to see my wand? at the last Halloween partyGeoff
Stop throwing your zombies at me!Rachel to Geoff
'I don't understand the desire to sleep naked, it's not natural'Laura
'I don't like punching, I'm a slapper'Laura
its all about the chemisrty its all about the luuuvveeeGeoff
Mr Darcy is enough to make anyone bi-curious!Andy
Andrew, surrounded by dirty tabs at the curry after the varsity match, said, 'My god! I've got a dirty tab in my pocket!' as he produced a dirty tab from his pocket.
My girls won't do anything unless it's a Friday night.Cath
'well Laura you have shot a 500 portsmouth and been sick from drinking; now you are a real man'Andrew
I don't often look at my testicles in the bathCath
I've known since 1st year that it was going to happen, I just didn't think it was going toCath
Ollie: 'What's the best stategy for going for a wee?' (in a tournament) Mark: 'Catheter'
Cath: 'But you're a big softie' Mark: 'Yeah, but I can look like a big hardie'
Andy: 'Give it to me now!' Geoff: 'Only if you let me strok your long rod.'
Ben: 'I can't think of anything I've done which is embarassing' Andy: 'Wearing a tweed hat?'
'Aeron gets drunk by association'Laura
Release is the most important thing for meGeoff
Mark: 'Hi Geoff, how is the beer society going?' Geoff: 'I'm fine'
'It should be volontary to give but obligatory to recieve'Geoff
'It's like I'll die, and that's not good'Zubin
'Expose people in groups'Ollie Brown
'Everyone's tried on Bens hat. It's a whore'Geoff
'Get Tustian drunk and he'll do anything'Laura
'Cath is looking quite hot' (playing twister)Laura
'They are poking me over there'Cath
AgggHHHh! My groin is on fire!!!Jon
Laura : 'That's a nice new gap coat you've got, where did you get it' Laura's Sister : 'Gap'
Laura : 'I decided to sleep with Cath early on' Alan: 'So did I'
Mmmmmm...porty goodnessJon
'I'm missing out on all of this fun because I'm sleeping alone'Antje
'I was such a slut that night'Cath
'Do you know how much you are dribbling on me'Matt to Alan
'This is kind of a notorious story but one morning I woke up in bed with a dog'Vanessa
'I thought Canadian was like American, but English'Vanessa
'Ooh...can I play with that strange ball'Vanessa
Tomasz, in the famous drinking game, came up with, 'I have never used rubber toys with bumps on' and 'I have never had a twenty inches long penis.' Go Tomasz.
'Increased air pressure hightens sexual arousal'Ben
'I am a slow masticator'Ben
'It's important I wake up and it's not all stiff'Ben
'I've always wanted to whip Ben'Laura
'Yes 14 inches is big Ollie'Laura
'I was a Cheer-leading whore'Laura
'You've got me wet before, Ben'Laura
Ben (trying to attract freshers at fair): Maybe we can tell them that you can pull more than a hundred times a week.Bob
'We never do anything exciting' ....and who's fault is that Mr.Social Secretary? Paul C
Suzanne: 'I'm going to climax this term' Dave: 'Many times'
Paul C: 'This map is pants' Dan: 'Unusual choice of material'
'Omar, Omar! Remember the fake breasts!' ....Shouted down the road for all and sundry to hearPaul C
It was a good night I spent it with James KeoghOmar