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Beth Mortimer
Beth Mortimer

Beth Mortimer : Teaching

Beth is Lecturer in Biological Sciences at Jesus College. For more information on the tutorials, please email her through the Contacts page.

Below is an overview of the tutorials available, although she is happy to give tutorials on any aspect of her research interests. Essays are up to 2000 words long to be handed in by email 5pm the day before the tutorial. Presentations instead of essays can be requested where 12-15 slides are needed, with nothing handed in advance, although a print out of the slides should be brought to the tutorial. For more information on the tutorials below, please email her through the Contacts page.

First Year Honour Mods

  • Tutorial 1 – What is the most successful organism? PDF
  • Tutorial 2 – Is silk the secret to the spiders’ success?PDF
  • Tutorial 3 – What are the different forms of parasitism? Give examples of different types of parasites from across the animal kingdom, including relevant adaptations by the parasite to exploit its host. PDF
  • Tutorial 4 – Pick your own title – write an essay on convergent evolution in mammals, including extinct and extant examples. PDF
  • Tutorial 5 – Presentation tutorial: Discuss adaptive use of colour in the vertebrates. PDF

Third Year Final Honour Schools

  • Spider biology – Are spiders the most successful predators? How does silk-use and behaviour influence their diversity and abundance? PDF
  • Biomechanics (data interpretation) PDF
  • Biomechanics (essay): What do spider silk tensile properties tell us about spider biology? PDF
  • Sensory Ecology: Why do spiders have such sensitive vibration sensors? What evidence is there to suggest that the tuning of these sensors are adaptive? PDF
  • Sensory Ecology: How do substrates affect vibration signalling and what influence does this have on animal sensory systems and behaviour? PDF


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