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Professional Interests

I formerly worked in the Centre for Lifelong Learning heading the LUSID (Liverpool University Student Interactive Database) project. This is a MLE that specialises in Personal Developmewnt Planning and profiling students skills and experience. This is a project that uses Java, JDBC, SQL, Oracle, XML and HTML. I also work part time for Oxford Brookes University on their PDP system this uses Oracles J Developer / JSP and HTML.

I obtained a first class B. Sc. (Hons) degree in Computational and Statistical Science and Mathematics (mainly Computer Science, Operations Research and Pure Mathematics) from Liverpool University in 1983. I then joined the Statistical and Computational Mathematics Department to persue a Ph. D. in Operations Research. My Thesis, entitled The Optimal Design of Electricity Supply Networks, was accepted in 1987. Next I worked on the ESPRIT TRUST (Testing and Reliability of real-time embedded software Using Systematic Techniques (or was it Statistical Techniques - it was a while ago!) This project produced some interesting results and forged a tentative relationship between code coverage achieved by Systematic Testing and Software Reliability prediction.

After this I joined the Centre for Mathematical Software Research (later to become the Institute for Advanced Scientific Computation) and worked on the ESPRIT funded GENESIS Project. I was involved with the automatic translation of a distributed memory Occam Numerical Library into Message Passing Fortran; I worked on a source to source translater written in (of all languages) ADA. Shortly before the end of the Genesis project I was seconded to work for NA Software and used the Cocktail Compiler Toolset to develop a source to source translator for High Performance Fortran. This work was part of the ESPRIT PPPE (Portable Parallel Programming Environment) project. Before being seconded to the Computing Services Department I spent a short time working on the Loft 90 Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 translator and also spent a a couple of months working as a consultant for the Department of Psychiatry in the Royal Liverpool Hospital using SPSS. Next I worked in the Computing Services Department under a JISC/NTI grant developing Fortran and High Performance Fortran materials for Educational purposes. You may like to look at the Liverpool University High Performance Computing Home Page

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If anybody wishes to contact me then send an Email to or phone 0151-794 8234. Page last modified on 23 Jul 1998.