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Can I apologise for the terrible content / layout and all round shyteness of this page. As I write HTML all day (and sometimes in the evening), I just can't be arsed to sort this page out which it is in almost the same state as when I wrote it in 1995. You have been warned.

Personal Interests

I have many interests including: acting like an idiot, goofing around, messing about, aping the fool, skiing, camping, walking, travelling (especially to exciting and beautiful places such as the Sudan and Ethiopia, check out these great North East Africain Goat Bleatings), drinking, watching films ( Mike Leigh, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Werner Hertzog) playing football, watching the Simpsons, Brookside, and Dads Army, drinking strong coffee, sleeping (especially in the mornings), Cheese also see below, (plus any cheese realted humour) hot curries (especially Doro Wat, (or here) not that it is a curry - the best one I had was in Bahar Dar, check it out!), cooking and, most of all, music (both mine and other peoples).

Other Peoples Music

Click here for a list of my cds (swapsies anybody??)

Click here for my list of the top 100 (so-called) punk LPs. Please tell me of any I've missed and of any that shouldn't be there.

My top 20 musical faves are:

  1. Fall
  2. Mark Stewart (and the Pop Group / Tackhead)
  3. Captain Beefheart
  4. The Stooges (upto Raw Power)
  5. The Saints (1st and 2nd LPs)
  6. KLF (and JAMMS, Disco 2000 etc)
  7. Joy Divison
  8. Velvet Underground
  9. Sex Pistols (before all that R'n'R swindle bollocks)
  10. Jimi Hendrix
  11. Buzzcocks (before the split)
  12. Beatles (after Rubber Soul)
  13. Marc Riley + Creepers
  14. Kate Bush
  15. Augustus Pablo
  16. Lee Perry
  17. Bass-o-Matic
  18. Muddy Waters
  19. T Rex (up to mid 70's)
  20. Shelia Chandra (and Monsoon)
  21. Shangri-Las
  22. The Ronnettes
  23. B52's
  24. PJ Harvey
  25. My Bloody Valentine

Aw shyte, thats 26.

and heres some links (sorry for the messy layout)

In fact almost anything that John Peel would play and probably nothing that would appear in the NME!

My Music

Since 1989 I have been the director of a small record label called Mantra Communications which has, as yet, failed to recognise its true potential!

I am also in a band called Where's The Beach. Where's the Beach recorded 3 BBC Radio Sessions, were interviewed live on air by Mark Radcliff, appeared on Newsbeat, supported the Aphex Twin and the Residents and acheived Single of the Week in NME with their last offocial release Sex Slave Zombie (anbody want to buy a copy?). They also supply a track for the New Season Peel Sessions compilation CD. The lastest recording is a version of The Fall's LA which will appear on a compilation Good Evening We Are Not The Fall.

I have also been in the following bands: Elliptical Trampolines, Frontiers of Chaos, Cindy and the Barbie Dolls, Flaccid Botulists Incorperated and Machine Age Voodoo. You may remember the planned LP Cindy and the Barbie Dolls sing the Greatest Hits of The Stooges and The Beatles of which an excerpt was played on On The Wire. I think people lost interest in Cindy and Co. when they found out that their 13 year old signer was in fact my musical partner Pete with his voice speeded up.

Adams Top 10 Cheeses

My top ten cheeses are (in no order although the first two are my favourite):


A selection of my favourite films:


Do you want to see my mate Tony Vernons Home Page? You shouldn't because its crap! How about a page on the slightly delicate topic of stuff that people have maganged to get stuck up their arse. What a hoot eh?

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