The Jacaranda, Liverpool, 3rd Feb 89.
Ph 1, Swallow Me, Sunset Surf Trip, Nag Nag Nag, Mutation, Henry's Head, No Liberty (original version), Milkbottle Mantra, TTFL, Magic Roundabout, Ph1 Trance Mix.
8 Orgasms, Liverpool, 17 April 89.
Suakin, Split Screen B-Movie, Deliciously Derranged, TTLF.
Rootie Girls at Pickwicks, Liverpool, 1 June 89.
Nag Nag Nag, Split Screen B-Movie.
Pink Parrot, Liverpool, 7 July 89.
Deliciously Derranged.
Pink Parrot, Liverpool, 14 July 89.
Deliciously Derranged, TTLF.
San Giovanni Valdarno, Florence, Italy, 20 October 89.
Deliciously Derranged, Feed the Fire, Metal Machine, Suakin, TTLF.
Pink Parrot, Liverpool, 9 December 89.
No Liberty, Feed the Fire, TTLF.
Cosmos, Liverpool, 25 January 90.
No Liberty, Metal Machine, Feed the Fire, Suakin, Deliciously Derranged, TTLF.
MacMillans, Liverpool, 26 March 90.
Deliciuosly Derranged, Feed the Fire, Beach State, Metal Machine, Suakin, No Liberty, TTLF.
Crystals, St Helens, 19 April 90.
Deliciously Derranged, Feed the Fire, Beach State, Suakin, No Liberty, Sleeping Gas, TTLF, (encore) Metal Machine.
Crawford Arts Centre, Liverpool, 31 May 90.
Deliciously Deranged, TTLF, Pred69, Metal Machine, No Liberty, Suakin, Feed the Fire
Underworld, Camedon, London
Flying Picket, Liverpool, 7 June 90.
Deliciously Deranged, TTLF, No Liberty, Suakin.
Josie and the Pusseycats at Sqwadge, Liverpool, 18 June 90.
Funtime, Stepping Stone, White Horses, Nag Nag Nag, Surfin' Bird, Wild Thing.
Vivaldis, Liverpool, 25 July 90.
Deliciously Deranged, TTLF, Feed the Fire, Metal Machine, Pred69, Beach Stadt, Suakin.
Yoruba, Liverpool, 20 October 90.
No Liberty, Feed the Fire, Chaos at the Axe Factory, Suakin, Beach Head, Beach State, Yankamantra, Deliciously Deranged.
University, Liverpool
Frontiers of Chaos, Orange Club, Mardi Gras, Liverp ool.
Oh I'm getting bored of this
Central Hall, Liverpool supporting Chumbawamba.
Euphoria, Liverpool xxxxxxxx.
University, Liverpool, 9 March 93.
Preston Club
Supporting Aphex twin in Preston
Bluecoat Chambers May 1995

Mantra Communications, 1997.