Liverpool ... all this and Heaven Too.

This CD was released on Homar Records (UK HOMCD6605) and contained a re-recording of Suakin.

The CD also included the wonderful Armpit and Moood plus not-so valiant attempts from: Dalek I, Up and Running, 25th of May, The Pleasure Babies, F.A.B., Pearl Of The Quarter, Daniel Kyte, Zak Daniels, Box 13, Goodness Gracious Groove, Big, Sheer and, of course, who can forget Cut.

The sleevenotes to this abortion are so bad that they deserve reproduction here:

The docks are closed now. Apartments and art galleries overlook the moorings where merchant seamen once brought home R&B 78's in their kit bags and started a fire that swept around the world in the Sixties. [Blimey! - Ed.] But the past is a different country with closed frontiers. [Eh? - Ed.] Liverpool is stuck with the tyranny of the Present which finds it's [sic] port facing the wrong way .... away from Europe.

Robbed of jobs they would have preferred to avoid anyway (which WOULD YOU rather be a rocker or a docker), Liverpool youth turned to creation and innovation. Half a generation chose music. Some committed themselves to changing the face of the city they loved, for the better. Others felt trapped in the prison of their home town, and planned escape.

This record is not a manifesto. [Phew! That was close. - Ed.] It is nothing more than a brief snapshot of Merseyside in all its Technicolor glory as the century draws to a close. Massive electro grooves [Hey! He's talking about Where's the Beach here. - Ed.] and suave ballads. [That's the rest of the tracks bar the Zappaesque Armpit. - Ed.] Rock and reverie. Variety, quality [Quality! Get me out of here. - Ed.] and integrity. But talk is cheap. The indisputable truth is in the grooves of this record. So, pull up a chair, roll up the rug [Pardon? I've never heard it called that before- Ed.], pour a drink, [Too right mate! You need to be wazzed to listen to this tripe, apart from our heroes that is. - Ed.] practice your yoga and play this record. Liverpool is sounding better than ever. Tell it to the world.

[Oh my word -Ed.!!]

You should be able to find this CD in the real bargain bins. You know, the one where you never look through because they're full of drivel like this.

(not the recording though) Mantra Communications, 1997.