Markford Oxons

General Manager: Mark Lambourne

Country: England

Region: Oxfordshire

First Class League: #6 in IX.138

One Day League: #3 in VI.156

BT20: #5 in VI.86

Team ranking: #2990 in England

#9800 in the world

Ground: JD Weatherspoons Bowl

Members: 846


The Markford Oxons were founded on 30th March 2010 in season 15 of Battricks. In the first season, the Oxons finished top of the First Class League.


Press Releases:

Oxons brush Royals aside (11/07/2010)

Markford clinched back to back victory over the Rochford Royals this afternoon and it took just 39 overs to secure it.

Royals manager seemed confident in the build up to the game and will be left disappointed in all areas of his team low run and wicket taking.

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Stats in brief:

updated 12/07/10

15 16
(Currently playing)
First Class X.92: 1st place IX.138: 6th
BT 20 VI.86: 7th place VI.86: 5th
OD League VI.156: 4th place VI: 156: 3rd
Batweeks Cup   2nd

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Current Season (16) Results:

02/05/2010 (Friendly) Markford Oxons v Super Snowshot Lost

09/05/2010 (Cup) Markford Oxons v Freshbrook Fire Lost

11/05/2010 (First Class) Fruit Pastilles v Markford Oxons Drawn

14/05/2010 (OD League) Corbys Hornets v Markford Oxons Lost

16/05/2010 (Friendly) Carpos Clangers v Markford Oxons Lost

18/05/2010 (First Class) Markford Oxons v Bathgate Thistle DCC Lost

21/05/2010 (OD League) Markford Oxons v lancashiere Won

23/05/2010 (Friendly) Markford Oxons v Carpos Clangers Lost

25/05/2010 (BT20) Markford Oxons v Grumps CC Lost

26/05/2010 (BT20) queenies v Markford Oxons Won

27/05/2010 (BT20) Markford Oxons v tatie Won

28/05/2010 (OD League) sizzle united v Markford Oxons Lost

30/05/2010 (Friendly) Carpos Clangers v Markford Oxons Lost

01/06/2010 (First Class) Markford Oxons v afc waltham Drawn

04/06/2010 (OD League) Markford Oxons v Hall Or Nothing Won

06/06/2010 (Friendly) Markford Oxons v Carpos Clangers Lost

08/06/2010 (First Class) Builth Exiles v Markford Oxons Lost

11/06/2010 (OD League) Markford Oxons v West County Won

15/06/2010 (BT20) Kawatch v Markford Oxons Lost

16/06/2010 (BT20) Markford Oxons v QQers Lost

17/06/2010 (BT20) Yorkshire Terriers v Markford Oxons Won

18/06/2010 (OD League) manutd v Markford Oxons Won

20/06/2010 (Batweeks Cup) Carpos Clangers v Markford Oxons Lost

22/06/2010 (First Class) Markford Oxons v The Demolishers Lost

25/06/2010 (OD League) Ashnia allstars v Markford Oxons Won

27/06/2010 (Friendly) damnyoureyes v Markford Oxons Lost

29/06/2010 (First Class) The Demolishers v Markford Oxons Lost

02/07/2010 (OD League) Markford Oxons v Corbys Hornets Lost

04/07/2010 (Batweeks Cup) Markford Oxons v Rochford Royals Won

06/07/2010 (BT20) Markford Oxons v Cooper Won

07/07/2010 (BT20) 12345 v Markford Oxons Lost

08/07/2010 (BT20) Markford Oxons v Jansells All Stars Won

09/07/2010 (OD League) lancashiere v Markford Oxons Won

11/07/2010 (Batweeks Cup) Rochford Royals v Markford Oxons Won



13/07/2010 10:30 (First Class)Markford Oxons v Builth Exiles

16/07/2010 10:30 (OD League)Markford Oxons v sizzle united

20/07/2010 10:30 (First Class)afc waltham v Markford Oxons

23/07/2010 10:30 (OD League)Hall Or Nothing v Markford Oxons

27/07/2010 00:30 (BT20)Richmond Steamroller v Markford Oxons

28/07/2010 12:30 (BT20)ronaldozz v Markford Oxons

30/07/2010 10:30 (OD League)West County v Markford Oxons

03/08/2010 10:30 (First Class)Bathgate Thistle DCC v Markford Oxons

06/08/2010 10:30 (OD League)Markford Oxons v manutdOrders

10/08/2010 10:30 (First Class)Markford Oxons v Fruit Pastilles

13/08/2010 10:30 (OD League)Markford Oxons v Ashnia allstars

Stats from previous seasons:

Season 15