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Netskills - Introduction to HTML

A simple HTML document can be created in a text editor using HTML tags that will be processed by the web browser as it displays the page. The tags define the structure of the document and the basic appearance of the finished page in a graphical web browser.

Hypertext and Hyperlinks

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Hypertext is the means by which web documents can be linked to each other. Clicking on a hypertext link will take you to the web page or URL defined in the HREF attribute of the link tag.

The W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) coordinates the definition and development of HTML. The official W3C HTML home page can be found by following this hyperlink.

linking to local files

Here is a link to one of my other pages


images are web pp using the img tag. Attributes such as alt, width, heifgt further define the display of the image.

images can also be used in hyperlinks. The image below is a lnk to the netskills home p.

link to netskills

colours and fonts

this text has been coloured red using the font tag and the color attribute

This will be in ?arial. This uses the font ag and the face attribute.

this should be centered across the page. This uses the "p" tag and the "align" attribute