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Jean Aitchison: Dissertations supervised

Gisela SZAGUN. A cross-cultural study of the acquisition of tense forms and time concepts in young children. (U. London, 1976).

Leticia CORREA. On the comprehension of relative clauses: A developmental study with reference to Portuguese. (U. London, 1986).

Ann PARTINGTON. Storage and retrieval of English words by Hong Kong Cantonese speakers of English. (U. London, 1991).

Stephanie LOWE. The production of anaphoric reference in the written narratives of seven-year-old children: Analysing the requirements for a computational teaching system based on a psycholinguistic model. (U. London, 1994).

Richard TRIM: Drug metaphors in European languages. (U. London, 1995).

Jin ZHOU. A study of speech errors in Mandarin Chinese. (U. Oxford, 1995).

Matthew SAXTON. Negative evidence versus negative feedback: A study of corrective input in child language acquisition. (U. Oxford, 1995).

Biljana SCOTT. Aspectogenesis and the categorization of directionals in Chinese. (U. Oxford, 1996).

Ruth CARROLL. Cooking verbs in fourteenth century English: A semantic class and its syntactic behaviour. (U. Oxford, 1997).

Diana LEWIS. Some emergent discourse connectives in English: Grammaticalization via rhetorical patterns. (U. Oxford, 2000).

Hiromi TANAKA. Information structure in English and Japanese: A dynamic file change semantics approach. (U. Oxford, 2001).