Latest Papers

Diffraction effects and inelastic electron transport in angle-resolved microscopic imaging applications
A Winkelmann, G Nolze, S Vespucci, G Naresh-Kumar, C Trager-Cowan, A Vilalta-Clemente, AJ Wilkinson, M Vos, Journal of Microscopy (2017) available on-line

Environmentally-assisted grain boundary attack as a mechanism of embrittlement in a nickel-based superalloy
AAN Nemeth, DJ Crudden, DEJ Armstrong, DM Collins, K Li, AJ Wilkinson, CRM Grovenor, RC Reed, Acta Materialia (2017) vol. 126, 361-371

Growth of {11-22} twins in titanium: A combined experimental and modelling investigation of the local state of deformation
Y Guo, H Abdolvand, TB Britton and AJ Wilkinson, Acta Materialia (2017) vol. 126, 221-235

Cross correlation based high resolution electron backscattering diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging for strain mapping and dislocation distributions in InAlN thin films
A Vilalta-Clemente, G Naresh-Kumar, M Nouf-Allehiani, P Gamarra, MA di Forte-Poisson, C Trager-Cowan and AJ Wilkinson, Acta Materialia (2017) vol. 125, 125-135

The Role of Boron on Improving Ductility by Grain Boundary Serration in a New Polycrystalline Superalloy
P Kontis, E Alabort, D Barba, DM Collins, AJ Wilkinson, RC Reed, Acta Materialia (2017) vol. 124, 489-500

A synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of non-proportional strain-path effects
D.M. Collins, T. Erinosho, F.P.E. Dunne, R.I. Todd, T. Connolley, M. Mostofavi, A.J. Wilkinson, Acta Materialia (2017) vol. 124, 290-304

On the composition of microtwins in a single crystal nickel-based superalloy
D Barba, S Pedrazzini, A Vilalta-Clemente, AJ Wilkinson, MP Moody, PAJ Bagot, A Jérusalem, RC Reed,
Scripta Materialia (2017) vol. 127 37-40


Hamid A

Hamid Abdolvand - starting new group at Western
Hamid Abdolvand is about to take up an Assistant Professorship at the Western University, Ontario. We wish him every success as he begins the exciting task of setting up the Multi-Scale Deformation Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and look forward to continuing collaboration over the coming years.

Yuanbo Tang - Prizes
Yuanbo Tang was in Tokyo in August for the 4th UK-Japan Engineering Eduction League Joint Workshop. This was hosted by Prof Kikuo Kishimoto at Tokyo Tech's Ookayama Campus. Yuanbo gave a great 3 minute pitch for his work on grain boundary serration and talked enthusiastically about his work to all who dropped by his poster. He was award the Best Poster prize for his troubles. Earlier in the year Yuanbo was awarded a William R Miller Postgraduate Award by his college St Edmund Hall.

Yuanbo Prize

Hong Kong1
Hong Kong2
Building Bridges in Hong Kong
Dave Collins and Ed Tarleton spent a week at the Chinese University of Hong Kong running a Material Science course in a summer school organised by St Anne’s College. The summer school ran for 4 days, selecting 16-year old students local to Hong Kong. The Materials day was attended by a total of 100 students. The hands-on activities they organised by Ed and Dave included building bridges using lollipop sticks, then testing them to fracture- some of them weighing just 100g were strong enough to withstand 20kg! The students also got to see how Materials Science is important to sound devices, building and testing speakers, then examining resonance effects and standing wave patterns in a vibrating Chladni plate.

Meet us at

TMS 2017
TMS 2017

San Diego, CA, 26 Feb - 2 March 2017
- several members of the group will be attending including Dave Collins, Jicheng Gong and AJW

RMS 2017
RMS Workshop and Conference on EBSD 2017

Oxford, UK, 4-5th April 2017
- the group will be hosting this meeting at Lady Margaret Hall

International Workshop on Quantitative Mechanistic Nucleation and Microstructure-sensitive Growth of Fatigue Cracks

Pembroke Colleg, Oxford, UK, 3rd-4th April 2017

MRS logo
MRS Spring Meeting 2017

Pheonix, AZ, 17th-21st April 2017
- invited presentation by AJW in Symposium NM9—High-Performance Metals and Alloys in Extreme Conditions

Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017

St Louis, MO, 6–10 August 2017
- invited presentation by Angus W