Latest Papers

Measurement of probability distributions for internal stresses in dislocated crystals
AJ Wilkinson, E Tarleton, A Vilalta-Clemente, J Jiang, TB Britton, and DM Collins
Applied Physics Letters (2014) vol. 105, 181907

〈c + a〉 Dislocations in deformed Ti–6Al–4V micro-cantilevers
R Ding, J Gong, AJ Wilkinson, IP Jones
Acta Materialia (2014) vol. 76 127-134

Slip band–grain boundary interactions in commercial-purity titanium
Y Guo, TB Britton and AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia (2014) vol. 76 1-12

Simulation of deformation twins and their interactions with cracks
A Stoll and AJ Wilkinson
Computational Materials Science (2014) vol. 89 224-232

A review of advances and challenges in EBSD strain mapping
AJ Wilkinson, TB Britton, J Jiang and PS Karamched
IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. (2014) vol. 55 012020

In-service materials support for safety critical applications – a case study of a high strength Ti-alloy using advanced experimental and modelling techniques
D Rugg, TB Britton, J Gong, AJ Wilkinson, PAJ Bagot
Materials Science and Engineering A (2014), vol. 599 166-173


slip band-GB interaction

DPhil Studentships Available
There are two funded DPhil projects available within the group for October 2015 start. Both concern micromechanical aspects of deformation and fatigue in Ti alloys. The first concentrates on continuing developent and application of small-scale ultrasonic testing for high cycle fatigue. The other will continue a successful vein of work using HR-EBSD and other methods to study slip band – grain boundary interactions. Both projects will involve collaboration with Rolls Royce and link into activiities on the HexMat Programme grant. Unfortunately funding is restricted to UK and EU citizens.
'Further Details'

HexMat PDRA Day
Post-Docs working on the HexMat Programme grant gathered at Oxford Materials on 24th-25th September 2014. The research team are : Sudha Joseph, Terry Jun, Bo Lan, Thomas White and Zhen Zhang (Imperial College London), Eleni Sarakinou (University of Manchester), with Hamid Abdolvand and Rajesh Korla hosting from Oxford. This was one in a series of networking events designed to encourage collaboration amoungst the group. Outreach was a central part of this event and Jayne Shaw (Outreach Officer at Oxford Materials) gave an insightful briefing on what makes for good outreach before setting the team a challenge of designing primary school level outreach projects. The day ended with a tour of the department before dinner. The second day started with research talks from the PDRAs which showed strong progress and establishment of good links between team members and institutes. Mitch Cuddihy and Vivian Tong (PhD students form Imperial) joined the meeting and delivered training for the upcoming HexMat/WCSIM (Worshipful Company of Instrument Makers) event in November, London Bridge.

HexMat PDRAs at Oxford

Dave Collins at Diamond

InsideDiamond Article
Earlier in the year Dave Collins and his team (Hamid Abdolvand, Mahmoud Mostafavi (Sheffield), Richard Todd and Angus Wilkinson) had beam time at the Diamond Light Source - I12 where they were extremely well supported by Thomas Connolley. The in situ deformation experiment on non-proportional biaxial deformation broke new ground and was very successful. The work caught the attention of a journalist from 'InsideDiamond' who interviewed David during the experiment- their article is on page 15.

Meet us at

TMS 2015
TMS 2015
Orlando, FL 15-19 March 2015
- invited presentation from Hamid Abdolvand on hi-res EBSD and 3D-XRD, plus Yi Guo on slip-band grain boundary interactions and twinning in Ti

4th Int Conf on Material Modeling
Berkeley CA, 27–29 May 2015
- several members of the group will be presenting at the HexMat organised session on hexagonal metals

M and M 2015
EBSD 2015 - Annual RMS meeting
Glasgow, UK, 30-31 March 2015
- many members of the group will be attending and hopefully presenting talks and posters

EBSD 2015
Microscopy and Microanalysis 2015
Portland, OR, 2-6 August 2015
- presentations by Angus W on 'progress with EBSD strain mapping'

Int Conf on Strength of Materials 2015
Brno, Czech Republic, 9–14 August 2015
- several members of the group will be attending and hopefully presenting talks and posters