Latest Papers

In-service materials support for safety critical applications – a case study of a high strength Ti-alloy using advanced experimental and modelling techniques
D Rugg, TB Britton, J Gong, AJ Wilkinson, PAJ Bagot
Materials Science and Engineering A (2014), available on-line 21 January 2014

Evolution of dislocation density distributions in copper during tensile deformation
J Jiang, TB Britton, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia (2013), vol. 61, 7227–7239

Probing Deformation and Revealing Microstructural Mechanisms with Cross-Correlation-Based, High-Resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction
TB Briton, J Jiang, PS Karamched, AJ Wilkinson
JOM (2013), vol. 65, 1245-1253

Mapping type III intragranular residual stress distributions in deformed copper polycrystals
J Jiang, TB Briton, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia (2013), vol. 61, 5895–5904

Direct detection of electron backscatter diffraction patterns
AJ Wilkinson, G Moldovan, TB Britton, A Bewick, R Clough, and AI Kirkland
Physical Review Lettters (2013), vol. 111, 065506


New SEM and EBSD system
Our new Zeiss Merlin FEG-SEM and High Resolution Bruker EBSD system have been installed. Arantxa and Hamid are getting to grips with the new instrument with help from Gabriella Chapman and Gareth Hughes in the EM research Support Group. A couple of days in and Arantxa already has some initial images of atomic terraces on GaN surfaces and threading dislocations making up mosiac cells in a thin InAlN film.

atomic steps on GaN
mosiac cells in InAlN

New post-doc joins group
Hamidreza Abdolvand has joined the group. He will be working on Hi-Res EBSD within the 'HexMat' programme grant - Heterogeneous mechanics in hexagonal alloys across length and time scales. He has previously worked at Manchester with Phil Withers and was a student at Queens Univesity with Mark Daymond and has experience of crystal plasticity FEA and synchrotron based diffraction methods.

Dave Collins at APS

Successful Experiment at APS
Dave Collins, Ed Tarleton and Ben Britton (Imperial College) had a busy time in Chicago at the Advanced Photon Source (34-ID-E) in November. They returned to the UK with ~6TB of data that they and Yi Guo have now set about analysiing.

Beamtime at Diamond Light Source
Dave Collins has been successful in bidding for beam time at the Diamond Light Source (again!). His in situ deformation experiment on Non-proportional biaxial deformation of sheet steel will run on ID12. Well done David!

Jun Jiang Thesis Submission
Congratulations to Jun Jiang on submitting his DPhil thesis on 'A High Resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction Study of Heterogeneous Deformation in Polycrystal Copper'. Both data collection and analysis for Hi-Res-EBSD have moved forward enormously through Jun's efforts.


Meet us at

UK Nitride Consortium - Winter Conference 2014
Bristol, UK, 7-8 January 2014
- Arantxa V-C on 'Mapping of the strain and distribution of dislocations in InAlN based HEMTs using electron backscatter diffraction'

TMS 2014
San Diego, CA 16-20 February 2014
- group presentations on hi-res EBSD, fatigue, and micro-mechanical testing

EBSD 2014 - Annual RMS meeting
London, UK, 31 March - 1 April 2014
- several members of the group will attend and give presentations

Japan Microscopy Society Annual Meeting 2014
Tokyo, Japan, 11-13 May 2014
- presentations by Angus W on 'progress with EBSD strain mapping'