Latest Papers

Strong grain neighbour effects in polycrystals
H Abdolvand, JP Wight, AJ Wilkinson
Nature Communications (2018) vol. 9, 171

Grain Boundary Serration in Nickel-Based Superalloy Inconel 600: Generation and Effects on Mechanical Behavior
Y Tang, AJ Wilkinson, RC Reed
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2018) Topical Collection Superalloys 1-19

On the Influence of Nb/Ti Ratio on Environmentally-Assisted Crack Growth in High-Strength Nickel-Based Superalloys
AAN Németh, DJ Crudden, DM Collins, V Kuksenko, CH Liebscher, DEJ Armstrong, AJ Wilkinson, RC Reed
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2018) Topical Collection Superalloys 1-15

Quantitative investigation of micro slip and localization in polycrystalline materials under uniaxial tension
Z Zhang, D Lunt, H Abdolvand, AJ Wilkinson, M Preuss, FPE Dunne
International Journal of Plasticity (2018) in press - corrected proof

Statistical effects in X-ray diffraction lattice strain measurements of ferritic steel using crystal plasticity
TO Erinosho, DM Collins, RI Todd, AJ Wilkinson, FPE Dunne
Materials and Design (2018) vol. 153, 159-165

On the state of deformation in a polycrystalline material in three-dimension: Elastic strains, lattice rotations, deformation mechanisms
H Abdolvand, JP Wight, AJ Wilkinson
International Journal of Plasticity (2018) in press - corrected proof


#EBSD2018 - UK and USA meetings
Enjoyed attending both the RMS EBSD2018 meeting in the UK, and the MAS one in the USA this year. It is impressive that new analysis approaches and continual refinement of existing methods are still pushing the technique on at pace. The information we can extract from these patterns is extraordinary and the range of applications continues to astound and grow. Very pleased that Oxford Micromechanics Group and our collaborators were able to contribute to these two vibrant meetings.

Front Cover of Journal of Microscopy
Have belatedly realised our work was on the front cover of Journal of Microscopy in Septmeber last year. The front cover image shows dislocations threading through a GaN layer grown from a patterned substrate. The dislocations are revealed through channelling contrast using signal integrated from the low take-off angle region of an array of EBSD patterns. The paper describes how images revealling different features of the sample can be generated from the stack of EBSD patterns. The microscopy and data collection was carried out by Arrantxa Vilalta-Clemente while Aimo Winkelmann (Bruker Nano) analysed the data and rendered the images

JMicroscopy front cover
3D-XRD study published in Nature Comms
High value hexagonal alloys Ti and Zr are used in safety critical applications in the aerospace and nuclear industries. Understanding and improving their performance requires untangling the complex patterning of stress and strain at the microstructural level. The MicroMechanics Group has used 3D-X-ray Diffraction, coupled with crystal plasticity FEM simulations, to study stress evolution across thousands of contiguous grains in polycrystals loaded in situ at the ESRF ID11. Large anisotropy in elastic stiffness, thermal expansion and plastic flow stress in these materials ensure that the local grain neighbourhood has a profound effect on stress development in any particular grain. Indeed the neighbourhood effect is so strong that for many grains the stress level can actually drop despite the global stress state increasing during tensile plastic flow.
The work is available in Nature Communications.
Meet us at

Shcoental Symposium
3rd Schöntal Symposium on Dislocation Plasticity

Kloster Schöntal, Germany, 26 Feb-1 March 2018
- Ed Tarleton will be taking grad students Bruce Bromage and Daniel Celis-Garza on retreat to Schöntal monastry

TMS 2018
TMS 2018

Phoenix, AZ, 11-15 March 2018
- several members of the group will be attending including Dave Collins, Jicheng Gong and AJW

RMS 2017
RMS Workshop and Conference on EBSD 2018

Plymouth, UK, 9-11th April 2018
- new venue for the meeting this year hosted by Natasha Stephen, Earth and Planetary Sciences

EBSD2018 - MSA Topical Conference

Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 23rd-25th May 2018

UK-Israel Workshop on Nano Scale Crystallography

Tel Aviv University, Israel, 18th-19th June 2018

International Conference on Strength of Materials

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 15th-19th July 2018