Ti Micro-cantilevers
secondary electron image

We are using FIB to machine triangular section cantilevers with widths of a few microns which are then tested using a nano-indenter. Using relatively small deflections we have measured the significant changes in elastic properties with crystal orientation in alpha Ti. Larger deflections generate plastic flow in the high stress region toward the built in end. EBSD is used to determine crystal orientations across a macroscopic sample. Suitably oriented grains are then selected and cantilevers machined so as to activate the desired slip system when loaded. Comparison of experimental load-displacement data to crystal plasticity finite element simulations allows Young’s modulus and critical resolved shear stress to be established.

nano-indenter data
deformed cantilever
CRSS values
Youngs modulus variation

Contact: Jicheng Gong and Angus Wilkinson

Anisotropy in the Plastic Flow Properties of Single Crystal Alpha Titanium Determined from Micro Cantilever Beams
Jicheng Gong and AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia, (2009), vol 57, 5693-5705

Investigation of elastic properties of single-crystal α-Ti using microcantilever beams
J Gong and AJ Wilkinson
Philosophical Magazine Letters, (2010), vol. 90, 503-512