GaN ecci1

Electron channelling contrast imaging is an SEM based diffraction contrast imaging technique. We have used it to image and characterise threading dislocations in GaN films grown on sapphire. Atomic steps can also be seen in some of the images indicating that the dislocations at their ends must be either screw or mixed character.


Contact: Angus Wilkinson

Electron backscatter diffraction and electron channeling contrast imaging of tilt and dislocations in nitride thin films
C. Trager-Cowan and F. Sweeney, P. W. Trimby, A. P. Day, A. Gholinia, and N.-H. Schmidt, P. J. Parbrook, A. J. Wilkinson, and I. M. Watson
Physical Review B, (2007), vol. 75, 085301
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.75.085301

Characterisation of nitride thin films by electron backscatter diffraction and electron channelling contrast imaging
C. Trager-Cowan, F. Sweeney, A. Winkelmann, A. J. Wilkinson, P. W. Trimby, A. P. Day, A. Gholinia, N. H. Schmidt, P. J. Parbrook and I. M. Watson
Materials Science and Technology (2006) vol.22, 1352-1358