Indent in Fe
Fe indent w12

rotation about surface normal

Fe indent w13

rotation about vertical axis

Fe indent w23

rotation about horizontal axis

Electron back scatter diffraction was used to map strain and rotation fields near a 500 nm deep Berkovic indent in Fe. Patterns were acquired at full 1kx1k resolution of camera and cross correlation analysis using CrossCourt2 software used to obtain strains and rotations. The rotations, shown here, were generally larger than the elastic strains and provide a means of assessing the plastic flow and geometrically necessary dislocation distribution that builds up around the indent.


Contact: Angus Wilkinson

High resolution mapping of strains and rotations using electron backscatter diffraction. , Wilkinson A. J., Meaden G. and Dingley D. J.,
Materials Science and Technology (2006) vol.22, 1271-1278, doi:10.1179/174328406X130966
See also: doi:10.1016/j.ultramic.2005.10.001, doi:10.1016/1359-6454(95)00147-9, & BLG Productions Ltd