Electron back scatter diffraction pattern obtained from Si. Pattern shift analysis is carried out on selected sub-regions from which elastic strain and lattice rotations can be calculated.

Si EBSD pattern
Si EBSD 111

111 zone axes extracted from full pattern. This 'test' pattern is compared to a 'reference' pattern obtained from a strain free region of the sample.

Cross correlation function in which brightness shows how good match is between 'test' and 'reference' patterns as a function of (x,y) shift of 'test' pattern. Displacement of the brightest peak from the central origin gives the pattern shift for this sub-region.

Si EBSD 111 xcf


Contact: Angus Wilkinson

High Resolution Elastic Strain Measurement from Electron Backscatter Diffraction Patterns :-  New Levels of Sensitivity Wilkinson A. J., Meaden G. and Dingley D. J.
Ultramicroscopy (2006), vol. 106, 307-313 doi:10.1016/j.ultramic.2005.10.001

High resolution mapping of strains and rotations using electron backscatter diffraction. , Wilkinson A. J., Meaden G. and Dingley D. J.,
Materials Science and Technology (2006) vol.22, 1271-1278, doi:10.1179/174328406X130966

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