Past Members
Prof Tongguang Zhai
PDRA: Short Fatigue Crack Growth in Al-Li Alloys
now Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Dr Dave Armstrong
Part II:  Processing and Properties of Ti-Nb-Ta-V-W alloys ‘Gum Metals’
Armourers and Brasiers Prize – best Part II project
Ironmongers Prize – best Part II talk
DPhil: Micromechanical Testing Methods
Now an Associate Professor of Materials at Oxford and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow

Dr Ben Britton
Part II: Nanoindentation Studies of Slip Transfer at Grain Boundaries - Ironmongers Prize – best Part II talk
DPhil on Hi-Res EBSD and deformation of Ti alloys
Now a Senior Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow Imperial College London

Dr Christopher Gourlay
Part II: Short Fatigue Crack Growth in Spray Cast Al-Li Alloys
left to study for PhD at University of Queensland, Australia, followed byh 5 years as a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, and
now a Reader at Imperial College London

Dr Jun Jiang
DPhil: Hi-Res EBSD strain mapping and GND analysis of deformed Cu
now a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London within the Mechanics of Materials Division


Dr Rajesh Korla
Micromechanical testing of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
now Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Dr Hamidreza Abdolvand
Strain Mapping of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
now Asst Prof at Western University, Ontario, Canada, leading the Multi-Scale Deformation Lab


Dr David M Collins
Strain path effects on forming of automotive steels
EPSRC Funded
now Birmingham Fellow at University of Birmingham


Dr David Wallis
Application of HR-EBSD to deformation of upper mantle minerals (based in Earth Sciences with Dr Lars Hansen)
NERC Funded now Assistant Professor in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University

Dr Arantxa Vilalte-Clemente
EBSD of III-V nitride thin films
EPSRC Funded now working on Correlative Microscopy at Université de Rouen, Mont-Saint-Aignan


Dr John Mason
Characterisation of Materials for Advanced Turbines
TSB/Rolls-Royce Funded
now enjoying retirement

Dr Junnan Jiang
DPhil: Grain Boundary Sliding and Superplasticity
now seeking a position, China

Dr Yi Guo
DPhil: Hi-Res EBSD strain mapping of slip bands and deformation twins in Ti
now at EMPA, Thun, Switzerland

Dr James Herring
DPhil: Micromechanical testing of Fe and Fe-Cr for fusion power applications
now in Thailand...

Dr Anke Stoll
DPhil: Mechanical Analysis of Environmentally Assisted Cracking
now at university of Magdeburg, Germany

Dr Philip Littlewood
DPhil: Fatigue Crack Initiation in near alpha Ti alloys
Clarendon Award Fund
then moved to DTU, Denmark working on 3D EBSD and then TEM on steel

Dr Eleanor Clarke
DPhil 2008: Internal Stress due to Phase Transformations in Steels
Corus Industrial Case Award
now working for Rolls Royce as Manufacturing Laboratory Team Leader

Dr Jaoued Ahmed
DPhil: Electron channeling contrast imaging of dislocation structures in cyclically deformed copper single crystals
then moved to work in IT and Communications

Dr Akshay Kumar
DPhil 2007: Fracture Mechanisms in Spheroidised Ferritic Steels
EPSRC Project Student
now ???

Dr Matthew Coates
DPhil: Fracture of spheroidised ferritic steels
Now ???

Stephen Turrell
Part II 2016-2017
Fusion Friendly High Entropy Alloys

Tinger Wen
Part II 2016-2017
Stress State Effects in Minaturised Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing

Jack Shuttleworth
Part II 2015-2016
Biaxial Deformation of automotive alloys

Jonathan Mainwaring
Part II 2015-2016
Deformation of High Entropy Alloys

John Waite
Part II 2014-2015
High Entropy Alloys for Extreme Environments
continuing on to DPhil on High Entropy Alloys for fusion power

Alannah Hawkesford
Part II 2014-2015
Grain Boundary Strength and Deformation in HCP Metals

Katherine Lumley
Part II 2014-2015
Template Matching - delivering a step change in EBSD analysis

Shunichi Motomura
Visiting Student 2013-2014
EBSD strain mapping of bainite in CuZnMn
returned to Japan to complete PhD studies

Sarah Connolly
Part II 2013-2014
Strain Rate Effects in Indentation of ODS steels
continuing on to DPhil on processing of ODS steels for fusion power

Alexander Edwards
Part II 2013-2014
Hi-Res EBSD of Stress and Dislocation Density in Laser Shock Peened Ti-6Al-4V

Robert McGhee
Part II student: Fundamentals of cyclic deformation and fatigue crack initiation
moved to Brookes to study MSc in Racing Car Engine Design

April Dunham
Part II Student: Micromechanical testing of grain boundary sliding in Pb-Sn alloys
left to study for EngD in Medical Devices at Strathclyde University

Simon Dewsbury
Part II Student: Processing and Properties of Gum Metal and related <b> Ti alloys
now ???

Philippa Duffus
Part II: Hrgric Swelling and Blister Buckling in Clay Bearing Stone
Department Prize most improvement in Part II from Part I
went on to study for MSc at University College London and British Museum

Dr David Randman
Part II: Nanoindentation Studies of Slip Transfer at Grain Boundaries in Iron
2nd Place in Ironmongers Prize – best Part II talk
left to study for PhD at Sheffield University, and then went on to work for Magnesium Elektron

Jess Buckley
Part II: Crack Initiation in Single Crystal Superalloy SRR99
Now ???

Alistair Tucker
Part II: Fatigue crack growth in U720 nickel based supper alloy at elevated temperature
Armourers and Brasiers Prize – best Part II project
Now ???