Project Leaders
Prof Angus J Wilkinson
Professor of Materials
Deputy Head of Department of Materials
Dr David E J Armstrong
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
Micromechanics of tungsten alloys for fusion and fission power
Dr Ed Tarleton
EPSRC Early Career Research Fellows
Dislocation based modelling of deformation and fracture in real engineering alloys
EPSRC Funded
Dr John Mason
Characterisation of Materials for Advanced Turbines
TSB/Rolls-Royce Funded
Dr Jicheng Gong
Micromechanical testing of hcp metals and alloys
EPSRC Funded
Dr David M Collins
Strain path effects on forming of automotive steels
EPSRC Funded
Dr Arantxa Vilalte-Clemente
EBSD of III-V nitride thin films
EPSRC Funded
Dr Hamidreza Abdolvand
Strain Mapping of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
Dr Rajesh Korla
Micromechanical testing of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
Dr David Wallis
Application of HR-EBSD to deformation of upper mantle minerals (based in Earth Sciences with Dr Lars Hansen)
NERC Funded
Junnan Jiang
Grain Boundary Sliding and Superplasticity
DPhil started Oct. 2013

Tomohito Tanaka
EBSD strain mapping applied to Steels
DPhil started Oct 2014
funded by Nippon Steel Japan

John Waite
Fusion-Friendly High Entropy Alloys
DPhil Started Oct 2015
funded by EPSRC Fusion DTC

Arutyun Arutyunyan
Microscale and Ultrafast High Cycle Fatigue Testing of Ti Alloys
DPhil Started Oct 2015
funded by Industrial CASE Award with Rolls Royce

Yuanbo (Tony) Tang
Fundamentals of Grain Boundary Failure during Deformation of Ni-based alloys
DPhil Started Oct 2015

Sabin Sulzer
Creep failure of Ni-based superalloys
DPhil Started Oct 2015
funded by Siemens

Part II Students
Jack Shuttleworth
Biaxial Deformation of automotive alloys
Jonathan Mainwaring
Deformation of High Entropy Alloys

Past Group Members