Prof Angus J Wilkinson
Professor of Materials
Dr John Mason
Characterisation of Materials for Advanced Turbines
Rolls-Royce Funded
Dr Jicheng Gong
Micromechanical testing of hcp metals and alloys
EPSRC Funded
Dr David E J Armstrong
Micromechanics of tungsten alloys for fusion and fission power
Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship
Dr Ed Tarleton
Discrete dislocation and finite element simulations of micromechanics
EPSRC Funded
Dr David Collins
Strain path effects on forming of automotive steels
EPSRC Funded
Dr Arantxa Vilalte-Clemente
EBSD of III-V nitride thin films
EPSRC Funded
Dr Hamidreza Abdolvand
Strain Mapping of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
Dr Rajesh Korla
Micromechanical testing of Hexagonal Metals
EPSRC Funded
James Herring
Micromechanical testing of Fe and Fe-Cr
DPhil started Oct. 2010 - EPSRC Funded
Yi Guo
Deformation Twinning in Ti alloys
DPhil started Oct. 2011 - Self Funded
Junnan Jiang
Grain Boundary Sliding and Superplasticity
DPhil started Oct. 2013
Tomohito Tanaka
EBSD strain mapping applied to Steels
funded by Nippon Steel Japan
Shunichi Motomura
EBSD strain mapping of bainite in CuZnMn
visiting rsearcher from Kyushu, Japan
Part II Students
Katherine Lumley
Template Matching - delivering a step change in EBSD analysis
Alannah Hawkesford
Grain Boundary Strength and Deformation in HCP Metals
John Waite
High Entropy Alloys for Extreme Environments

Past Group Members