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Welcome to my web site. I hope you will find some
information of interest in these pages. The material to be found
here fits into one of three broad categories, as explained below:

1. Information about books I have written which have already appeared or are about to be published. These web pages provide a rough guide to the books’ contents and details about how to place an order for them.
2. Previews of papers or articles which had not appeared at the time they were placed on these pages. These can be read using Adobe Acrobat. If you are unfamiliar with Adobe Acrobat, please click here to find out more.
3. A wholly new kind of publication called an Internet Publication: this is a paper or article which is published exclusively on the Internet and is not intended to be published subsequently in printed form.

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Published Books

Character and Compilation OUP (2010)

Ulpian: Pioneer of Human Rights
Responsibility and Fault (1999)
Law in the Crisis of Empire 379 - 455 AD

Honoré’s South African Law of Trusts

Emperors and Lawyers (1994)

Other works by Tony Honoré

The Author

Previewed Papers & Articles

Ulpian, Natural Law and Stoic Influence
A new essay considering whether the role of natural law should be taken seriously as a source of Roman law and whether this may point to a Stoic influence.

Preview of unpublished paper:
On Fitting Trusts into Civil Law Jurisdictions

Paper by P.J. Furlong:
Justinian and Mathematics: An Analysis of the Digest's Compilation Plan


Special Internet Publications

Article from The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy: Causation in the Law

New paper:
Duplicate texts and the compilation of the Digest

From Constitutio Antoniniana to Constitutional Court
A previously unpublished address delivered at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

New review:
Remarks at OUP launch of H.L.A Hart, Punishment and Responsibility, 2nd ed. with introduction by John Gardner and John Gardner, Offences and Defences (19 March 2008)