In recent years Tony Honoré has been working on problems of responsibility that arise out of his work with H.L.A. Hart on causation. In particular, he has developed the notion that people can, even when not at fault or legally liable, be responsible for unintended aspects and outcomes of their conduct. The notion of ‘outcome responsibility’ has attracted the interest of philosophers and lawyers and this collection of seven of his essays on the subject was published in 1999.

The essays aroused interest and form the main theme of a collection of eight papers by lawyers and philosophers entitled Relating to Responsibility. Essays in Honour of Tony Honoré on his Eightieth Birthday edited by Peter Cane and John Gardner. Please see publishing details below.

This volume was selected by Reinhard Zimmermann in Neue Juristischer Wochenschrift as one of the foreign law books of the year 2001.



From reviews:

“It is a joy to read” - Dennis Klimchuk
“A marvellous collection of essays” - William Lucy

Responsibility and Fault  ISBN 1-84113-005-2  is published in hardback and consists of 176 pages at £22.00. Postage and packing is free in the UK. Elsewhere add £3 for the first copy and £1 for each additional copy.
The paperback edition ISBN 1 84113-399-X was published in 2002 at £9.99

Both can be ordered from Hart Publishing.

Relating to Responsibility  ISBN 1-84113-210-1 was published on November 8th, 2001 in hardback and consists of 268 pages. Price £40.00. This can also be ordered from Hart Publishing.

In a review of this work, Nils Jansen refers to Tony Honoré as “one of the great European jurists of our time.”

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