South African
Law of Trusts


ISBN 0 7021 5590 X

The first edition of this standard work by the author who has been described as “surely the main architect of modern South African trust law” was published in 1966. The fifth edition, which is edited by Judge Edwin Cameron, Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa; Professor Marius de Waal, University of Stellenbosch; Judge Basil Wunsh, High Court of South Africa; Peter Solomon, SC, Advocate of the High Court of South Africa; and Professor Ellison Kahn, Professor Emeritus, University of the Witwatersrand, was published in 2002.

This book is indispensable for South African practitioners and is also a pioneering work from a comparative point of view in that it illustrates a way in which Anglo-American trust law can be adapted with modifications to a civil law system. This has been done in South Africa by imposing certain controls such as the requirement that trusts be registered and that trustees may be required to give security for the proper administration of a trust; by treating trusteeship as an office similar to guardianship; and by interpreting the trust beneficiary’s office as basically a right to insist on the enforcement of the trust.

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