Ulpian: Pioneer of Human Rights

by Tony Honoré


A second edition of Ulpian, thoroughly revised, was published in March 2002 under the title Ulpian: Pioneer of Human Rights. It concerns the life and career of the famous Roman lawyer who lived from about 170 to 223 or 224 AD. His writings comprise about two-fifths of Justinian’s Digest which for centuries formed the core of European legal education. It includes chapters on The Oral Style, The Cosmopolis and Human Rights and The Empirical Method. In this new edition, Tony Honoré brings out the role of Ulpian as a cosmopolitan and egalitarian pioneer of human rights, who embraced the values of liberty, equality and human dignity. Ulpian dictated his work, which in consequence reads easily and almost conversationally as it moves from one example to another in a way that is familiar to common lawyers.

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