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AOUP Talks: Winter 2010–2011

All the talks take place on Wednesdays and will be held in the Department of Engineering Science, starting at 2.15pm in Lecture Theatre 2. Tea, coffee and cake will be served after the talks in the Holder Common Room nearby. All AOUP members are welcome.

20 October 2010
Stuart Weir: Sport — more than a game?

Stuart Weir is director of VeriteSport, a Christian charity working in sport. He was an accredited writer at the 2008 Olympics, 2010 Commonwealth Games and various other international events, writing mainly for the Oxford Mail and The Times online. He will share experiences of being at the Beijing Olympics, Football World Cup in South Africa and Commonwealth Games in Delhi (October 2010), having just returned from the last of these before the talk.

17 November 2010
Tim Healey: The Green Man Trail

A mysterious leafy mask — or a face with plants streaming from the mouth, eyes or nostrils — the Green Man is an age-old presence in architecture and crafts. He turns up in some of the earliest churches and the cloisters of Gothic cathedrals; in 18th-century keystones and Victorian door surrounds. What did the artists intend to portray? The Green Man’ lineage has been sought in the brooding woodland deities of the earliest pagan tree cults, in Roman and Celtic religions and even in the far-flung temples of ancient India. Writer and broadcaster Tim Healey explores the Green Man in Oxfordshire.

The Severn Princess

8 December 2010
Tim Ryan: The history of the Beachley to Aust (River Severn) Ferry and the Rescue of the Severn Princess

This talk will chart the history of the River Severn Ferry service from 1931 to 1966 and is littered with anecdotes of life in those bygone times. It is illustrated with a variety of cine film clips of the Ferries working during this period, and concludes with the current state of play of the restoration of the last remaining Ferry, the “Severn Princess”.

Picture courtesy Tim Ryan

19 January 2011
Chris Perrins: The Galapagos Islands

Chris Perrins was the Director of the Edward Grey Institute in Oxford, and has visited the Galapagos Islands six times. His talk will encompass the history, biology and conservation of the Islands, and will include its importance to Darwin.

16 February 2011
AGM and Annie Skinner: Hidden and forgotten histories in east Oxford

Victorian urbanization created suburban communities out of fields and orchards. This talk will focus on a suburb, east of Oxford City, where piecemeal development occurred in a rural area from the 1840s. Essential services gradually evolved alongside an infrastructure. The talk revisits the Victorian streetscape and explores the hidden histories of Victorian philanthropy in this suburb.

Chancellor of the University

16 March 2011
Chris Patten, Chancellor of the University

Chris Patten was invited to give a winter talk, suggesting possible subjects on which he could speak — e.g., Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, world affairs, Asia, Oxford University today — but with the final choice of subject left up to him. He expects to make his decision shortly before the event!

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