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A guided tour of Christ Church College
Tues 9 February 2016
Mon 15, Fri 19 and Wed 24 February.




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Department of Engineering Science Lecture Theatre 1 at 2.15pm.

AGM and Muir Gray:  Sod70! and Sod60! – a Guide to Living Well

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Many people worry about ageing and some try to find the elixir of life, now a big business in California, but ageing is a normal biological process which does not cause significant problems until the nineties. The problems we associate with old age are the result of three other processes – diseases caused by social and environmental factors, loss of fitness and the wrong attitude to life.  All of these can be changed by people in their sixties, seventies and eighties and many of the beliefs about old age are myths. We can increase not only lifespan but also healthspan, reducing the duration of dependency on others but need to plan for a good death as well as a good life.

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