Association of Oxford University Pensioners


Membership of the Association

  • Staff who have worked in Oxford University or a college until reaching retirement are eligible for AOUP membership.  Membership is granted automatically for life to University staff who at the time of their retirement are employed by the University, and also their spouses or partners. All AOUP members receive the Newsletter twice a year, and are able to attend the winter talks. 
  • Staff who at the time of their retirement are employed by a College, and their spouses, partners, widows, widowers, may opt for AOUP membership by joining as a Social Member, paying an annual subscription which is currently £5.

Social Membership of the AOUP

  • Social membership is open to University AOUP members who choose to pay the annual subscription.
  • For £5 per person per year, you can become a social member and join in all the excursions and other activities. Payment is due on 1 January each year (please consider setting up a standing order). Anyone who has not paid by 28 February will be assumed to have withdrawn from social membership.
  • Further information about events can be found here
  •  The Association has an e-mail list which is used to send supplementary information to Social members. Please email if you would like to be added to this list. It is helpful if you state roughly where you live.