ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM Second International Conference (Oxford University - 23-26 September, 1991): Syriac-Arab cultural Interchange during the Abbasid era in Iraq

Monday, September 23, 1991

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America): "The apologetic treatise of Nonnus of Nisibis".

Tuesday, September 24, 1991

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Prof. Michael Morony (University of California-LA): "The Aramaean population in the economic life of early Islamic Iraq".
Dr. Yousif Ishaq (Sweden): "The Zuqnin chronicle (Ps. Dionysius of Tel-Mahre) as a source of study of the political and economic situation of northern Iraq during the Abbasid era".
Dr. Stephanie Dalley (Oxford University): "Gilgamesh after the Cuneiform".
Dr. Richard Dumbrill (London): "The Babylonian origins of Arab medieval music".

Chair: Dr. Fritz Zimmermann (Oxford University)
Dr. Lawrence Conrad (Wellcome Institute-London): "The Life of Mohammad in Syriac discussions in early Abbasid era".
Prof. Wilfred Madelung (Oxford University): "Imam al-Qasim ibn Ibrahim and Christian theology".
Mrs. Averil Makhlouf (USA): "Elias of Nisibis".
Dr. Carmela Baffioni (Oriental Institute-Rome): "Probable influences in Ihwan al-Safa's logical epistle".

Wednesday, September 25, 1991

Chair: Dr. Samir Khalil (St Joseph University-Beirut)
Dr. Hans Daiber (Free University of Amsterdam): "Nestorians of 9th Century, Syriac and Arabic. A survey of unexploited sources with special reference to I. of Kashkar".
Dr. Bo Holmberg (Lund University): "The Trinitarian terminology of Israel of Kashkar".
Dr. Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University): "The impact of Syriac tradition on early Judaeo-Arabic Bible exegesis".

Chair: Dr. Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University)
Dr. Johannes den Heijer (University of Leiden): "The existence of a Syriac intermediate version of Aristotle's `Historia Animalium`".
Dr. Mauro Zonta (University of Pavia): "New evidence for the history of Aristotle's `De Animalibus` amongst Syrians and Arabs".

Thursday, September 26, 1991

Chair: Dr. Shafiq Abouzayd (Oxford University)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "The Syriac background of Hunayn ibn Ishaq's translation technique".
Dr. Gotthard Strohmaier (University of Berlin): "Hunayn ibn Ishaq: an Arab scholar translating into Syriac".
Dr. Samir Khalil (St Joseph University-Beirut): "Le Kitab al 'Agal de Hunayn retrouvé".

Chair: Dr. Bo Holmberg (Lund University)
Dr. Henri Hugonnard-Roche (C.N.R.S.-Paris): "Contributions syriaques aux études arabes de logique à l'époque abbasside".
Mr. Robert Hoyland (Oxford University): "Syriac and Arabic historical writing: an example of a cross-cultural collaboration".
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