Antioch & Edessa:
ARAM Fourteenth International Conference (Oxford University, 12-14 July, 1999): Antioch and Edessa

Monday, July 12, 1999

Chair: Prof. Amos Kloner (Hebrew University)
Dr. Daphna V. Arbel (University of British Columbia): "Junction of tradition in Edessa: possible interaction between Mesopotamian mythological and Jewish mystical traditions in the first centuries CE".
Dr. Serguei A. Frantsouzoff (University of Petersburg): "Antioch in South Arabian tradition and in medieval Ethiopian literature".

Chair: Prof. Riccardo Contini (University of Venice)
Mr. Alain Desreumaux (Paris): "Nouvelles inscriptions araméennes édesséniennes en Osrhoène".
Prof. Catherine Saliou (Paris): "Mythes et récits de fondation d’Antioche".

Chair: Prof. Zeidoun Al-Muheisen (Yarmouk University, Jordan)
Dr. Grégoire Poccardi & Mr. Jacques Leblanc (Université de Nanterre): "Nouvelles recherches sur la ville d’Antioche et ses faubourgs: le stade olympique de Daphné".
Dr. Hans Erbes (University of Uppsala): "The Syro-Hexapla readings in relation to the Peshitta variants and related versional readings in Joshua 1-5".

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Chair: Prof. Chip Coakley (Harvard University)
Dr. Muriél Debié (Paris): "Record keeping and chronicle writing in Antioch and Edessa".
Dr. Witold Witakowski (University of Upsala): "The Antiochene continuation of Eusebius’ chronicle in Syriac".

Chair: Prof. Paolo Costa (University of Bologna)
Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (University of Oxford): "The untamed violence of Syrian ascetics: a study of the problem of violence and killing in the Liber Graduum".
Dr. Ephrem Yousif (Université Paris X): "Les calamités: Sauterelles, famine, peste, guerre, tremblement de terre, à Édesse et à Antioche du quatrième au septième siècle dans les chroniques syriaques".

Chair: Dr. Theresa Ubrainczyk (University of Oxford)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford): "The Impact of Hellenism on Syriac: Greek loanwords in the writings of two authors of Edessa, Ephrem & Narsai".
Prof. Michel van Esbroeck (University of Munich): "Peter the Fuller and Cyrus of Edessa".

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Chair: Dr. R. Bas Ter Haar Romeny (University of Leiden)
Dr. Erica C.D. Hunter (Cambridge University): "The transmission of Greek scientific knowledge: Cambridge ms. Mm. 6.29".
Dr. Klaus-Peter Todt (University of Mainz): "Antioch and Edessa in the so-called treaty of Deabolis/Devol (September 1108)".

Chair: Prof. Rifaat Ebied (University of Sydney)
Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "Dawood al-Antaki (David of Antioch) in Arab history".
Dr. Carsten-Michael Walbiner (Orient-Institut, Beirut): "The city of Antioch in the writings of Macatius ibn Azza‘im (17th century)".
Dr. Nikolaj Serikoff (Wellcome Institute): "Patriarch Gregory al-Haddad and his gift to Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. (About the Christian Arabic MSS preserved in the St-Petersburg Institute of Oriental Studies)".

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