Arabian Peninsula 1998:
ARAM Eleventh International Conference (Oxford University, 13-15 July, 1998): Cultural Interchange in the East of the Arabian Peninsula

Monday, July 13, 1998

Chair: Prof. Moawiyah Ibrahim (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "From Qatar to Tokyo, by way of Mar Saba: the translations of Isaac of Niniveh’s writings".
Prof. John Healey (Manchester University) & Dr. Hamad Bin Seray (U.A.E. University): "Aramaic in the Gulf: towards a corpus".
Dr. Bruce Ingham (University of London): "The bedouins of Qatar in the light of cultural interaction".
Dr. Beatrice Nicolini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart-Milan): "Sa‘id bin Sultan of the Al Bu Sa‘idi of Oman (1806-1856) and his relationship with Europe".

Chair: Prof. John Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. Aviva Klein-Franke (Universität zu Köln): "The Hebrew and the Arabic inscription in the mosque of Beith al-Hadr".
Prof. Paolo M. Costa (University of Bologna): "The ancient Jewish community of Sohar (Oman)".
Mr. Carl Phillips (University of London): "Cultural interchange in the East of the Arabian Peninsula illustrated by the excavations at Kalba (UAE)".

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Chair: Mr. Michael Macdonald (University of Oxford)
Prof. Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney): "East Arabia and Syria during the Umayyad period".
Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "Trade and travel in the Arabian Gulf in the Middle Ages".
Prof. Clive Holes (Oxford University): "Dialogue Poems in Eastern Arabia: a literary link with ancient Mesopotamia".
Dr. Hasan R. Badawi (Lebanese University): "La viabilité ŕ Tyr et l’échange culturel avec l’est de la péninsule arabe ŕ l’époque tardo-antique".

Chair: Mr. Peter Parr (University of London)
Dr. Dr. Hanae Sasaki (Kanazawa University-Japan): "Ancient maritime trade and cultural interchange between the Arabian Gulf and East Asia".
Prof. Valeria Piacentini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart-Milan): "Merchant families in the Gulf. A mercantile and cosmopolitan dimension - the written evidence (11-13 centuries AD)".
Dr. Salma Samar Damluji (United Arab Emirates University ): "The vernacular architecture in the cities of Oman and the United Arab Emirates".

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