Arabian Peninsula 1997:
ARAM Ninth International Conference (Oxford University, 14-16 July, 1997): Cultural Interchange in the Arabian Peninsula

Monday, July 14, 1997

Chair: Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Jordanian Department of Antiquities)
Prof. Vitaly Naumkin & Prof. Victor Porkhomovsky (Moscow University): "Scotran oral tradition and cross-cultural contacts".
Dr. Mohammad Maraqten (Philipps-Universität, Marburg/Lahn): "Mari and Arabia: Some aspects of tribal organisation and social institutions".
Dr. Ahmad Shboul (Sydney University): "Aspects of socio-cultural change and continuity in the Hijaz and its contacts with Syria in the early Islamic period".
Dr. Amin T. Tibi (Oxford): "Relations between Arabia and East Africa - as depicted in three documents".

Chair: Prof. John Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. William D. Glanzman (University of British Columbia): "South Arabia's international commerce (3rd century BC - 3rd century AD)": A re-assesment of the Evidence".
Dr. Beatrice Nicolini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan): "The source of spice: Europe, Oman and Zanzibar during the XIX century".

Open discussion (The speakers of the day are kindly required to be present).

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Chair: Prof. Vitaly Naumkin (Moscow University)
Dr. Christian Robin (Maison de la Méditerranée, Dr. Joëlle Beaucamp (Université de Provence), Dr. Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet (Collège de France): "La persécution des Chrétiens de Najraµn et la chronologie himyarite".
Dr. Hamad M. Bin Seray (United Arab Emirates University): "Christianity in East Arabia".
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "Isaac the Syrian and other ascetics from Qatar".

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Dr. Andrey Korotayev (Moscow University): "'Aramaeans' in a late Sabaic inscription".
Dr. Serguei A. Frantsouzoff (St. Petersburg University): "A gezeµrah-decree from ancient South Arabia (new approach to the interpretation of MAFRAY-H|as\iµ 1)"
Dr. Marek Baranski (Warsaw University): "The adoption of the arch structure in the architecture of the Arabian peninsula".
Open discussion (The speakers of the day are kindly required to be present).

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Chair: Prof. Vitaly Naumkin (Moscow University)
Mr. Uzi Avner (Israel Antiquities Authority): "The Nabataean standing stones and their interpretations".
Dr. Robert Wenning (Münster): "Petra and Hegra: What makes the difference?".
Mr. Laurent Tholbecq (IFAPO): "Le temple nabatéen du Wadi Ramm et son environnemnt culturel: à propos de recherches récentes".
Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Jordanian Department of Antiquities) & Mrs. Saba Fares (IFAPO): "The Arabian tribes of Wadi Iram (Jordan)".

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