ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM Twelfth International Conference (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 13-16 April, 1999): Beirut: History and Archaeology

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Chair: Piero Bartoloni (Institute of Phoenician and Punic Civilisation, Rome)
Dr. J.P. Thalmann (Université de Sorbonne): "The Bronze Age on the Syro-Lebanese coast (Tell ‘Arqa and Beirut)".
Dr. Michel Al-Maqdissi (IFAPO-Damas): "Les données récentes sur l’Âge du Bronze ancien dans la plaine de Jablé (côte syrienne)".
Dr. Leila Badre (American University of Beirut): "The Bronze Age of Beirut: Major results".

Dr. Hans Curvers (University of Amsterdam): "The lower town of pre-classical Beirut".
Dr. Uwe Finkbeiner (University of Tübingen): "The Iron Age fortification and city gate: new evidence".
Mr. Francisco Núñez Calvo (University of Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona): "An approach to trade relations in Iron Age Beirut: the ceramic evidence".

Chair: Dr. Helen Sader (American University of Beirut)
Mrs. Françoise Chaput (University of Tübingen): "Un cimetière de chiens de l’époque perse à Beyrouth".
Dr. Hussein Sayegh (Université Libanaise): "L'architecture domestique durant la période perse".

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Chair: Prof. Pascal Arnaud (Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis)
Dr. John W. Hayes (University of Oxford): "Aspects of Hellenistic/Roman pottery (finds from site Bey 004 and their connections)".
Ms. Catherine Aubert (IFAPO-Beirut): "Architecture hellénistique et peinture murale à Beyrouth".
Dr. Margreet Steiner (University of Leiden): "The results of the excavations at BEY 011: the Hellenistic and Byzantine souk".
Mr. Dominic Perring (University of York): "Classical Beirut: themes of urban continuity and change - Hellenistic to Byzantine Beirut".

Dr. Barbara Stuart (University of Amsterdam): "Cemetries in Beirut".
Dr. Ulrike Outschar (Austrian Academy of Science): "Amphorae Peacock Class 45 (micacous water jars) and their trade in the Eastern Mediterranean".
Dr. Kevin Butcher (American University of Beirut): "Coin circulation in Roman Beirut: the assemblages from BEY 006 and 045".
Mr. Reuben Thorpe (A.C.R.E.): "The Imperial Thermae of BEY 045 and Observations on the Topography of Roman Beirut".

Chair: Mr. Dominic Perring (University of York)
Drs. Noor Mulder-Hijmans (University of Maastricht): "Egg shell oil lamps from the Roman souk of Bey 011".
Ms. Rima Mikati (American University of Beirut): "The spatial, functional and chronological aspects of lamp studies; the Roman Bath Lamps, BEY 045"
Drs. Lidewgde de Jong (University of Amsterdam): "The Roman burial practices in Beirut".

Prof. Pascal Arnaud (Université de Nice- Sophia Antipolis): "Beirut commerce and trade: late Hellenistic to Byzantine times".
Ms. Sarah Jennings (English Heritage) & Ms. Joanna Abdallah (AUB): "Glass from Beirut: Roman to Mamluk".

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Chair: Prof. Jean-Marie Dentzer (IFAPO)
Dr. Linda Jones Hall (St Mary’s College of Maryland): "Beirut through the Classical texts: From Colonia to Civitas".
Dr. Henry I. MacAdam (Princeton University): "The Roman Law School of Beirut."

Dr. Frederic Alpi (IFAPO): "Beyrouth byzantine et proto-islamique: continuité et ruptures (Ve-VIIIe s.)".
Dr. Muntaha Saghieh-Beydoun (Lebanese University): "The stratigraphy and architecture of sector BEY 004".
Dr. Paul Reynolds (American University of Beirut): "Pottery in Beirut: Economic trends in the 6th-7th centuries A.D."
Dr. John Meloy (American University of Beirut): "Beirut’s political and economic status in the Islamic periods".

Chair: Dr. Samir Seikaly (American University of Beirut)
Ms. Patricia Antaki (American University of Beirut): "The Crusader castle of Beirut".
Ms. Eveline van der Steen (University of Leiden): "Mamluk and Ottoman pottery."
Dr. Joseph G. Rahme (The University of Michigan-Flint): "Demographic history of Ottoman Beirut, 1516-1918".

Mr. Oussama Kabbani (Solidere-Beirut): "Preservation and restoration of historical buildings (Solidere)."
Mrs. Isabelle Skaf (Directorate General of Antiquities): "Lifted mosaics from the Beirut excavations: conservation problems".
Mrs. Renata Tarazi (Départment Libanais des Antiquités): "Loi et pratique dans la conservation du patrinoine culturel".
Dr. Helga Seeden (American University of Beirut): "Dialoguing with the past: Will Beirut’s past still speak to the future?"

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