ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM Third International Conference (Oxford University - 21-24 September, 1992): The Decapolis

Monday, September 21, 1992

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Dr. David Graf (University of Miami): "Hellenization and the Decapolis".

Tuesday, September 22, 1992

Chair: Mr. Jeaques Seigne (IFAPO-Amman)
Dr. David Graf (University of Miami): "Helenization and the Decapolis".
Dr. Martin Goodman (Oxford University): "Jews in the Decapolis".
Dr. W. Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary): "Abila: a thriving city of the Decapolis".
Dr. Robert Wenning (University of Münster): "Nabatäer in der Dekapolis".
Mr. Ali Zayedeh (Birzeit University): "Urban transformation in the decapolis cities of Jordan".
Dr. Thomas Weber (Johannes Gutenberg University): "Indigenous and foreign elements in the statuary sculpture of the Decapolis".

Chair: Dr. Martin Goodman (Oxford University)
Prof. Gidean Foerster (Hebrew University): "Nysa-Scythnopolis: 'kata coelen syrian helenidon poleon' as reflected in recent excavations at Bet-Shean".
Prof. Yoram Tsafrir (Hebrew University): "From 'Roman' to 'Byzantine': Bet-Shean (Scythopolis) in the 4th-7th centuries".
Prof. Maurice Sartre (François Rabelais University): "Canatha et Ahadra, cités de Décapole".
Dr. Michael Fuller (St Louis Community College-USA): "Survey and ethnoarchaeological studies at Abila of the Decapolis".

Wednesday, September 23, 1992

Chair: Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Oxford University)
Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben Gurion University): "The Roman worship of Athena-Allat in the Decapolis and the Negev".
Mr. Jeaques Seigne (IFAPO-Amman): "À l'ombre de Zeus et d'Artemis, Gerasa de la Décapole".
Prof. Robert Houston Smith (College of Wooster-USA): "Pre-Christian religions and their survivals at Pella of the Decapolis: historical and archaeological evidence."
Mr. Robert W. Smith (Miami University): "A Necropolis of the Decapolis: the use of tombs and cemetries at Abila".
Dr. Dominique Tarrier (Yarmouk University): "The tombs of Yasileh in comparison with the tombs of the cities of the Decapolis".
Chair: Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben Gurion University) Dr. Magaret O'Hea (University of Adelaide): "The glass industry of the Decapolis".
Mr. Julian Bowsher (Museum of London): "Civic organisation within the Decapolis".
Dr. Wyzhar Hirschfield (Hebrew University): "The reconstruction of the Roman baths at Hammat Gader".

Thursday, September 24, 1992

Chair: Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Sydney)
Dr. Leah Di segni (Hebrew University): "Greek inscriptions of the Bath-House in Hammath Gader".
Dr. John D. Wineland (Miami University): "Archaeological and numismatic evidence of Greco-Roman religions of the Decapolis, with a particular emphasis on Gerasa and Abila".
Dr. Zeidounal-Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "Le site de Yasileh et ses relations avec les villes de la Décapole".
Dr. Lawrence conrad (Wellcome Institute-London): "The cities of the Decapolis on the eve of the Arab conquests: some new insights from verse attributed to Hassan ibn Thabit".
Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Sydney): "Vestiges of the Decaoplis in North Jordan during the late Antique-early Islamic transition".

Chair: Dr. Lawrence conrad (Wellcome Institute-London)
Dr. Willard Winter (Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary): "A Byzantine basilica at Abila".
Dr. Karel J. Vriezen (University of Utrecht): "The centralised church in Umm Qais".
Dr. Nicole Mulder & Mr. Robert Guinée (University of Utrecht): "Survey of the terrace and western terrace area in Umm Qais".
Dr. Susanne Kerner (G.P.I.A.-Ammna): "Umm Qais: recent excavations". ********************************************************************************

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