• ARAM Second International Conference (Oxford University - 23-26 September, 1991): Syriac-Arab cultural Interchange during the Abbasid era in Iraq ARAM Third International Conference (Oxford University - 21-24 September, 1992): The Decapolis
  • ARAM Fourth International Conference (Oxford University, 27-30 September, 1993): Cultural Interchange during the Umayyad Era in Bilad al-Sham
  • ARAM Fifth International Conference (Oxford University, 25-28 September, 1995): Palmyra (Tadmor)
  • ARAM Sixth International Conference (Harvard University, 9-11 June, 1996): Who are, or are, the Aramaeans?
  • ARAM Seventh International Conference (Oxford University, 15-18 July, 1996): Trade Routes in the Near East: Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Times
  • ARAM Eighth International Conference (American University of Beirut, 1-4 April, 1997) The Mamluks in Bilad Al-Sham: History and Archaeology
  • ARAM Ninth International Conference (Oxford University, 14-16 July, 1997): Cultural Interchange in the Arabian Peninsula
  • ARAM Tenth International Conference (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 14-17 April, 1998): The Early Ottoman Period (16th and 17th centuries)
  • ARAM Eleventh International Conference (Oxford University, 13-15 July, 1998): Cultural Interchange in the East of the Arabian Peninsula
  • ARAM Twelfth International Conference (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 13-16 April, 1999): Beirut: History and Archaeology
  • ARAM Thirteenth International Conference (Harvard University, 13-15 June, 1999): The Mandaeans
  • ARAM Fourteenth International Conference (Oxford University, 12-14 July, 1999): Antioch and Edessa
    ARAM First International Conference (Oxford University - 26-29 September, 1989): The Nabataeans Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hassan Bin Talal

    Tuesday, September 26, 1989

    Opening Ceremony:
    Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
    H.R.H. Crown Prince Hasan Bin Talal: "Address".
    Dr. Ghazi Bisheh (Director General of the Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan): "Recent archaeological excavations in Jordan".

    Wednesday, September 27, 1989

    Chair: Mr. Pater Parr (London University
    ) Dr. Piotr Bienkowski (Liverpool Museum): "The chronology of Tawilan and the `dark age` of Edom".
    Dr. John Bartlett (University of Dublin): "The situation between the end of the Edomite kingdom and the appearance of the Nabataeans".
    Dr. David F. Graf (University of Miami): "The origin of the Nabataeans".
    Dr. Manfred Lindner (University of Nürnberg): "A unique Edomite/Nabataean archaeological site in the mountains of southern Jordan".
    Dr. Gerald L. Mattingly (Johnson Bible College): "Settlement patterns on the Moabite plateau from Iron Age II through the Nabataean/Roman period".

    Chair: Dr. Judith McKenzie (University of Sydney)
    Dr. William Jobling (University of Sydney): "Some new Thamudic and Nabataean inscriptions of the Hisma in southern Jordan".
    Dr. Philip C. Hammond (University of Utah): "The rise of a provincial state: Nabatene".
    Mr. Peter Parr (University of London): "The archaeology of the Petra Town Centre".
    Mr. Julian Bowsher (Museum of London): "Early Nabataeans coinage".

    Thursday, September 28, 1989

    Chair: Dr. David Graf (University of Miami)
    Dr. Margaret Lyttleton (London): "The sculpture found in the temenos of the Qasr al'Bint at Petra".
    Dr. Marie-Jeanne Roche (Hunter College-USA): "Panels decorated with busts from Petra".
    Dr. Jacqueline Dentzer-Freydy (Sorbonne University): "Le décor architectural du temple nabatéen de Khirbet edh-Dharih".
    Dr. François Villeneuve (École Normale Supérieure-Paris): "Problème de chronologie de la céramique nabatéenne (1er-2me siècles ap. J.C.) à partir des fouilles de Khirbet edh-Dharih".
    Dr. David Johnson (Brigham Young University): "Nabataean Pyriform Unguentaria: chronology, production and use, the evidence from Petra".

    Chair: Prof. A.F.L. Beeston (Oxford University)
    Dr. Khairieh Amr (Department of Antiquities - Amman): "The late kiln at Zurrabah".
    Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Department of Antiquities - Amman): "The Nabataean gods in the Sinai and Egypt".
    Dr. Dominique Tarrier (Yarmouk University): "Baalshamin dans le monde nabatéen".
    Dr. Ernst Axel Knauf (University of Heidelberg): "Dusares and Shai alqaum".

    Friday, September 29, 1989

    Chair: Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Department of Antiquities - Amman)
    Dr. Zeidoun al'Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "The hydraulic and hydroagricultural installations found in southern Jordan".
    Mr. & Mrs. Alistair & Marie Killick (England): "The Nabataeans at Udhruh".
    Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University): "The Greek papyri at Nessana (Aujah Hafir) in the Negev".
    Mr. Karl Schmitt-Korte (Frankfurt): "An early Christian record of the Nabataeans".
    Dr. Jean-Marie Fiey (St. Joseph University-Beirut): "From the Nabataeans to the Nabat".

    Chair: Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University)
    Dr. Khalid Ismail Ali (Baghdad University): "Etymological and semantic aspects of the root NBT".
    Dr. John F. Healey (University of Durham): "The Nabataean contribution to the development of the Arab script".
    Dr. Saleh Hamarneh (University of Jordan): "The period which followed the end of the political reign of the Nabataeans".
    Dr. Mohammad Abdul'Latif abdul'Karim (Baghdad University): "The Nabataeans in the Arab tradition". ARAM Past Conferences: