ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM Fifth International Conference (Oxford University, 25-28 September, 1995): Palmyra (Tadmor) Under the Patronage of H. E. Dr. Najah al-Attar, the Syrian Minister of Culture

Monday, September 25, 1995

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM): "Welcome and introduction".
H.E. Dr. Najah Al-Attar (The Syrian Minister of Culture): "Address".
Dr. Sultan Muheisen (Director General of the Syrian Department of Antiquities & Museums): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (University of Warsaw):"News from Palmyra: current work and perspectives of research".

Tuesday, September 26, 1995

Chair: Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (University of Warsaw)
Dr. Sultan Muheisen (Director General of the Syrian Department of Antiquities & Museums): "Excavation work in Syria".
Dr. Khaled al-Assaad (Director of Palmyra Museums): "Restoration work in Palmyra".
Dr Andreas Schmidt-Colinet & Dr Annemarie Stauffer(University of Bern): "Textiles and the quarries of Palmyra"/"Eastern and Western Fashion - Reconstruction and Analysis of Palmyrene garments".
Prof Klaus Parlasca (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg):"Probleme der Palmyrischen Kunst".

Chair: Prof Han J.W. Drijvers (University of Groningen)
Dr Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet (Collège de France - Paris): "Un cratère palmyrénien inscrit: nouveau document sur la vie religieuse des palmyréniens".
Prof Malcolm A.R. Colledge (University of London): "Palmyrene funerary iconography in its Greek and Roman contexts".
Dr W Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary): "Abila and Palmyra: Ancient trade routes from Southern Syria into Mesopotamia".
Dr Saito Kiyohide (Japanese Mission in Palmyra): "Excavation at Southeast Necropolis in Palmyra from 1990 to 1995".

Wednesday, September 27, 1995

Chair: Dr Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford)
Prof Delbert Hillers (John Hopkins University): "Palmyrene Aramaic: Lexical and grammatical notes".
Dr Mohammad Maraqten (University of Marburg/Lahn): "Arabic words in Palmyrene inscriptions".
Prof Han J.W. Drijvers (University of Groningen): "Inscriptions from Allat's Sanctuary".
Dr Stephanie Dalley (University of Oxford): "Bel at Palmyra, Apamea, and Assur".
Dr Jacques Seigne (IFAPO - Jordan): "The peribolos of the temple of Bel".

Chair: Dr Stephanie Dalley (University of Oxford)
Dr Valentino Columbo (Italy): "Nabataeans and Palmyreans: an analysis of the Tell el-Shuqafiyye inscriptions".
Dr Eleonora Cussini (University of Bologna): "Transfer property at Palmyra".
Miss Palmira Piersimoni (Italy): "A Palmyrene prosography: Methodological problems".
Dr Marek Baranski (University of Warsaw): "The great colonnade of Palmyra reconsidered".

Thursday, September 28, 1995

Chair: Dr Jacques Seigne (IFAPO-Jordan)
Dr Ernest Will (Institut de France-Paris):"Architecture locale et architecture impériale à Palmyre".
Dr Gerald Mattingly (Johnson Bible College): "The Palmyrene luxury trade and Revelation 18: 12-13: a neglected analogue" ********************************************************************************

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