ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM Seventh International Conference (Oxford University, 15-18 July, 1996): Trade Routes in the Near East: Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Times

Monday, July 15, 1996

Opening Ceremony:
Dr. Shafiq Abouzayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Welcome & introduction".
Inaugural talk: Prof. John Carswell (Islamic Department, London): "All at sea: Recent research in the Indian Ocean".

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Chair: Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago)
Dr. Alo´s van Tongerloo (Catholic University of Leuven): "The Three Magi wandering eastward".
Dr. Fawzi Zeyadine (Department of Antiquities-Amman): "The spice and silk routes in Transjordan in the Hellenistic and Roman periods".
Dr. Joan M. Frayn (London): "Aspects of trade on the Judaean coast in the Hellenistic and Roman periods".
Dr. Leo Mildenberg (Zurich): "Petra on the Frankincense road? - again".
Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University): "Oboda - A major Nabataean caravan halt".

Chair: Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut)
Drs Lucida Dirven (Theology Institute-Leiden): "A possible trade connection between Dura- Europos and Palmyra".
Dr. John F. Healey (University of Manchester): "Palmyra and the Arabian Gulf trade".
Dr. Gerald Mattingly (Johnson Bible College-USA): "The King's highway, the desert highway, and Central Jordan's Kerak".

Wednesday, July 17, 1996

Chair: Dr Lawrence Conrad (Wellcome Institute-London)
Dr. Andrew Palmer (University of London): "The routes of pilgrims to Jerusalem".
Dr. Marlia Mundell Mango (Oxford University): "Byzantine trade with the East".
Prof. Amos Kloner (Bar Ilan University): "Stepped roads in Roman Palestine".
Dr. Mohammad A. R. Al-Thenayian (King Saud University): "The Yemeni Highland pilgrim route between San'a and Mecca".
Dr. Mohammed Maraqten (University of Marburg/Lahn): "Dangerous trade routes: On the plundering of caravans in the ancient Near East".

Chair: Dr. John F. Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. Hamad M. Bin Seray (United Arab Emirates University): "Spasinu Charax and its commercial relations with the East through the Arabian Gulf".
Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago): "The Darb Zubayda: An Abbasid trade route and its settlements across Saudi Arabia".
Prof. Nicola A. Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "External trade of Bilad al-Sham under the early Abbasids".

Thursday, July 18, 1996

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Dr. Sarit H. Oked (Ben Gurion University): "Patterns of the transport Amphora at Ostrakine during the 6th and 7th Century".
Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (Warsaw University): "The Euphrates route between Syria and Mesopotamia". ********************************************************************************

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