ARAM Fourth International Conference (Oxford University, 27-30 September, 1993): Cultural Interchange during the Umayyad Era in Bilad al-Sham

Monday, September 27, 1993

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Irfan Shahid (Georgetown University): "The Umayyad ajnad: Byzance après Byzance".

Tuesday, September 28, 1993

Chair: Dr. Patricia Crone (University of Cambridge).
Dr. Zeidoun al-Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "The end of the Byzantine period and the beginning of the Islamic period in northern Jordan".
Dr. Elizabeth Savage (London): "Iraqi Christian links with an early Islamic sect".
Dr. Michael Bates (american Numismatic Society): "Byzantine coinage and its imitations, Arab coinage and its imitations: Arab-Byzantine coinage".
Dr. & Mrs Michael & Neathery Fuller (St. Louis Community College-USA): "Continuity and cultural interchange at Tell Tuneinir, Syria".
Dr. Pamela Watson (BIAAH-Amman): "Pictorial painting on pottery and its demise in the mid-7th century AD: the case of the Jerash bowls".

Wednesday, September 29, 1993

Chair: Dr. Jeremy Johns (Oxford University).
Mr. W. A. Oddy (The British Museum): "The earliest Umayyad coinage of Gerasa and Scythopolis".
Dr. Steven Rosen (Ben-Gurion University): "The nomadic periphery: archaeology and pastoralists in the south central Negev during Late Antiquity".
Dr. Claus-Peter Haase (University of Kiel): "Is Madinat al-Far, in the Balikh region of northern Syria, an Umayyad foundation?"
Prof. Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney): "Umayyad Damascus: notes on its population and culture based on Ibn 'Asakir's History".
Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago): "Were there `amsar` in Syria?" Chair: Dr. Julian Raby (Oxford University).
Dr. W. Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary-USA): "The Christian church of Abila of the Decapolis of the Yarmouk valley system in the Umayyad period".
Mr. Claude Vibert-Guigue (IFAPO-Amman): "A French-Jordanian project for copying the painting in Quseir Amra".
Dr. Geoffrey Khan (University of Cambridge): "The pre-Islamic background of Muslim legal formularies".

Thursday, September 30, 1993

Chair: Prof. Averil Cameron (London University).
Dr. Lawrence Conrad (The Wellcome Institute): "Did al-Walid I found the first Muslim hospital?".
Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben-Gurion University): "The impact of the Islamic conquest on the Christian communities of the Third Palestine".
Prof. Daniel Sahas (University of Waterloo): "Byzantine-Arab cutlural interaction during the Umayyad ear: the circle of John of Damascus".
Prof. Sydney Griffith (The Catholic University of America): "The vita of St. Michael and its reported dialogue between St. Michael and the Caliph Abd al-Malek".

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University).
Prof. Han Drijvers (University of Groningen): "Testamentum domini nostri Jesu Chrisiti".
Mr. Robert Hoyland (Oxford University): "The correspondence between Leo III (717-41) and 'Umar II (717-720)".
Dr. Chase F. Robinson (Oxford University): "The Shaharija: `Christian` pragmatism in an early Islamic milieu".
Dr. Andrew Palmer (University of London): "Two Jacobite bishops, Theodotus (d.698) and Simeon (d. 734), and their relations with Umayyad authorities".

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