ARAM Past Conferences:
ARAM First International Conference (Oxford University - 26-29 September, 1989): The Nabataeans Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hassan Bin Talal

Tuesday, September 26, 1989

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
H.R.H. Crown Prince Hasan Bin Talal: "Address".
Dr. Ghazi Bisheh (Director General of the Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan): "Recent archaeological excavations in Jordan".

Wednesday, September 27, 1989

Chair: Mr. Pater Parr (London University
) Dr. Piotr Bienkowski (Liverpool Museum): "The chronology of Tawilan and the `dark age` of Edom".
Dr. John Bartlett (University of Dublin): "The situation between the end of the Edomite kingdom and the appearance of the Nabataeans".
Dr. David F. Graf (University of Miami): "The origin of the Nabataeans".
Dr. Manfred Lindner (University of Nürnberg): "A unique Edomite/Nabataean archaeological site in the mountains of southern Jordan".
Dr. Gerald L. Mattingly (Johnson Bible College): "Settlement patterns on the Moabite plateau from Iron Age II through the Nabataean/Roman period".

Chair: Dr. Judith McKenzie (University of Sydney)
Dr. William Jobling (University of Sydney): "Some new Thamudic and Nabataean inscriptions of the Hisma in southern Jordan".
Dr. Philip C. Hammond (University of Utah): "The rise of a provincial state: Nabatene".
Mr. Peter Parr (University of London): "The archaeology of the Petra Town Centre".
Mr. Julian Bowsher (Museum of London): "Early Nabataeans coinage".

Thursday, September 28, 1989

Chair: Dr. David Graf (University of Miami)
Dr. Margaret Lyttleton (London): "The sculpture found in the temenos of the Qasr al'Bint at Petra".
Dr. Marie-Jeanne Roche (Hunter College-USA): "Panels decorated with busts from Petra".
Dr. Jacqueline Dentzer-Freydy (Sorbonne University): "Le décor architectural du temple nabatéen de Khirbet edh-Dharih".
Dr. François Villeneuve (École Normale Supérieure-Paris): "Problème de chronologie de la céramique nabatéenne (1er-2me siècles ap. J.C.) à partir des fouilles de Khirbet edh-Dharih".
Dr. David Johnson (Brigham Young University): "Nabataean Pyriform Unguentaria: chronology, production and use, the evidence from Petra".

Chair: Prof. A.F.L. Beeston (Oxford University)
Dr. Khairieh Amr (Department of Antiquities - Amman): "The late kiln at Zurrabah".
Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Department of Antiquities - Amman): "The Nabataean gods in the Sinai and Egypt".
Dr. Dominique Tarrier (Yarmouk University): "Baalshamin dans le monde nabatéen".
Dr. Ernst Axel Knauf (University of Heidelberg): "Dusares and Shai alqaum".

Friday, September 29, 1989

Chair: Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Department of Antiquities - Amman)
Dr. Zeidoun al'Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "The hydraulic and hydroagricultural installations found in southern Jordan".
Mr. & Mrs. Alistair & Marie Killick (England): "The Nabataeans at Udhruh".
Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University): "The Greek papyri at Nessana (Aujah Hafir) in the Negev".
Mr. Karl Schmitt-Korte (Frankfurt): "An early Christian record of the Nabataeans".
Dr. Jean-Marie Fiey (St. Joseph University-Beirut): "From the Nabataeans to the Nabat".

Chair: Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University)
Dr. Khalid Ismail Ali (Baghdad University): "Etymological and semantic aspects of the root NBT".
Dr. John F. Healey (University of Durham): "The Nabataean contribution to the development of the Arab script".
Dr. Saleh Hamarneh (University of Jordan): "The period which followed the end of the political reign of the Nabataeans".
Dr. Mohammad Abdul'Latif abdul'Karim (Baghdad University): "The Nabataeans in the Arab tradition".
******************************************************************************** ARAM Second International Conference (Oxford University - 23-26 September, 1991): Syriac-Arab cultural Interchange during the Abbasid era in Iraq

Monday, September 23, 1991

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Sidney Griffith (Catholic University of America): "The apologetic treatise of Nonnus of Nisibis".

Tuesday, September 24, 1991

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Prof. Michael Morony (University of California-LA): "The Aramaean population in the economic life of early Islamic Iraq".
Dr. Yousif Ishaq (Sweden): "The Zuqnin chronicle (Ps. Dionysius of Tel-Mahre) as a source of study of the political and economic situation of northern Iraq during the Abbasid era".
Dr. Stephanie Dalley (Oxford University): "Gilgamesh after the Cuneiform".
Dr. Richard Dumbrill (London): "The Babylonian origins of Arab medieval music".

Chair: Dr. Fritz Zimmermann (Oxford University)
Dr. Lawrence Conrad (Wellcome Institute-London): "The Life of Mohammad in Syriac discussions in early Abbasid era".
Prof. Wilfred Madelung (Oxford University): "Imam al-Qasim ibn Ibrahim and Christian theology".
Mrs. Averil Makhlouf (USA): "Elias of Nisibis".
Dr. Carmela Baffioni (Oriental Institute-Rome): "Probable influences in Ihwan al-Safa's logical epistle".

Wednesday, September 25, 1991

Chair: Dr. Samir Khalil (St Joseph University-Beirut)
Dr. Hans Daiber (Free University of Amsterdam): "Nestorians of 9th Century, Syriac and Arabic. A survey of unexploited sources with special reference to I. of Kashkar".
Dr. Bo Holmberg (Lund University): "The Trinitarian terminology of Israel of Kashkar".
Dr. Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University): "The impact of Syriac tradition on early Judaeo-Arabic Bible exegesis".

Chair: Dr. Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University)
Dr. Johannes den Heijer (University of Leiden): "The existence of a Syriac intermediate version of Aristotle's `Historia Animalium`".
Dr. Mauro Zonta (University of Pavia): "New evidence for the history of Aristotle's `De Animalibus` amongst Syrians and Arabs".

Thursday, September 26, 1991

Chair: Dr. Shafiq Abouzayd (Oxford University)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "The Syriac background of Hunayn ibn Ishaq's translation technique".
Dr. Gotthard Strohmaier (University of Berlin): "Hunayn ibn Ishaq: an Arab scholar translating into Syriac".
Dr. Samir Khalil (St Joseph University-Beirut): "Le Kitab al 'Agal de Hunayn retrouvé".

Chair: Dr. Bo Holmberg (Lund University)
Dr. Henri Hugonnard-Roche (C.N.R.S.-Paris): "Contributions syriaques aux études arabes de logique à l'époque abbasside".
Mr. Robert Hoyland (Oxford University): "Syriac and Arabic historical writing: an example of a cross-cultural collaboration".
******************************************************************************** ARAM Third International Conference (Oxford University - 21-24 September, 1992): The Decapolis

Monday, September 21, 1992

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Dr. David Graf (University of Miami): "Hellenization and the Decapolis".

Tuesday, September 22, 1992

Chair: Mr. Jeaques Seigne (IFAPO-Amman)
Dr. David Graf (University of Miami): "Helenization and the Decapolis".
Dr. Martin Goodman (Oxford University): "Jews in the Decapolis".
Dr. W. Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary): "Abila: a thriving city of the Decapolis".
Dr. Robert Wenning (University of Münster): "Nabatäer in der Dekapolis".
Mr. Ali Zayedeh (Birzeit University): "Urban transformation in the decapolis cities of Jordan".
Dr. Thomas Weber (Johannes Gutenberg University): "Indigenous and foreign elements in the statuary sculpture of the Decapolis".

Chair: Dr. Martin Goodman (Oxford University)
Prof. Gidean Foerster (Hebrew University): "Nysa-Scythnopolis: 'kata coelen syrian helenidon poleon' as reflected in recent excavations at Bet-Shean".
Prof. Yoram Tsafrir (Hebrew University): "From 'Roman' to 'Byzantine': Bet-Shean (Scythopolis) in the 4th-7th centuries".
Prof. Maurice Sartre (François Rabelais University): "Canatha et Ahadra, cités de Décapole".
Dr. Michael Fuller (St Louis Community College-USA): "Survey and ethnoarchaeological studies at Abila of the Decapolis".

Wednesday, September 23, 1992

Chair: Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Oxford University)
Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben Gurion University): "The Roman worship of Athena-Allat in the Decapolis and the Negev".
Mr. Jeaques Seigne (IFAPO-Amman): "À l'ombre de Zeus et d'Artemis, Gerasa de la Décapole".
Prof. Robert Houston Smith (College of Wooster-USA): "Pre-Christian religions and their survivals at Pella of the Decapolis: historical and archaeological evidence."
Mr. Robert W. Smith (Miami University): "A Necropolis of the Decapolis: the use of tombs and cemetries at Abila".
Dr. Dominique Tarrier (Yarmouk University): "The tombs of Yasileh in comparison with the tombs of the cities of the Decapolis".
Chair: Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben Gurion University) Dr. Magaret O'Hea (University of Adelaide): "The glass industry of the Decapolis".
Mr. Julian Bowsher (Museum of London): "Civic organisation within the Decapolis".
Dr. Wyzhar Hirschfield (Hebrew University): "The reconstruction of the Roman baths at Hammat Gader".

Thursday, September 24, 1992

Chair: Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Sydney)
Dr. Leah Di segni (Hebrew University): "Greek inscriptions of the Bath-House in Hammath Gader".
Dr. John D. Wineland (Miami University): "Archaeological and numismatic evidence of Greco-Roman religions of the Decapolis, with a particular emphasis on Gerasa and Abila".
Dr. Zeidounal-Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "Le site de Yasileh et ses relations avec les villes de la Décapole".
Dr. Lawrence conrad (Wellcome Institute-London): "The cities of the Decapolis on the eve of the Arab conquests: some new insights from verse attributed to Hassan ibn Thabit".
Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Sydney): "Vestiges of the Decaoplis in North Jordan during the late Antique-early Islamic transition".

Chair: Dr. Lawrence conrad (Wellcome Institute-London)
Dr. Willard Winter (Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary): "A Byzantine basilica at Abila".
Dr. Karel J. Vriezen (University of Utrecht): "The centralised church in Umm Qais".
Dr. Nicole Mulder & Mr. Robert Guinée (University of Utrecht): "Survey of the terrace and western terrace area in Umm Qais".
Dr. Susanne Kerner (G.P.I.A.-Ammna): "Umm Qais: recent excavations". ******************************************************************************** ARAM Fourth International Conference (Oxford University, 27-30 September, 1993): Cultural Interchange during the Umayyad Era in Bilad al-Sham

Monday, September 27, 1993

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Irfan Shahid (Georgetown University): "The Umayyad ajnad: Byzance après Byzance".

Tuesday, September 28, 1993

Chair: Dr. Patricia Crone (University of Cambridge).
Dr. Zeidoun al-Muheisen (Yarmouk University): "The end of the Byzantine period and the beginning of the Islamic period in northern Jordan".
Dr. Elizabeth Savage (London): "Iraqi Christian links with an early Islamic sect".
Dr. Michael Bates (american Numismatic Society): "Byzantine coinage and its imitations, Arab coinage and its imitations: Arab-Byzantine coinage".
Dr. & Mrs Michael & Neathery Fuller (St. Louis Community College-USA): "Continuity and cultural interchange at Tell Tuneinir, Syria".
Dr. Pamela Watson (BIAAH-Amman): "Pictorial painting on pottery and its demise in the mid-7th century AD: the case of the Jerash bowls".

Wednesday, September 29, 1993

Chair: Dr. Jeremy Johns (Oxford University).
Mr. W. A. Oddy (The British Museum): "The earliest Umayyad coinage of Gerasa and Scythopolis".
Dr. Steven Rosen (Ben-Gurion University): "The nomadic periphery: archaeology and pastoralists in the south central Negev during Late Antiquity".
Dr. Claus-Peter Haase (University of Kiel): "Is Madinat al-Far, in the Balikh region of northern Syria, an Umayyad foundation?"
Prof. Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney): "Umayyad Damascus: notes on its population and culture based on Ibn 'Asakir's History".
Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago): "Were there `amsar` in Syria?" Chair: Dr. Julian Raby (Oxford University).
Dr. W. Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary-USA): "The Christian church of Abila of the Decapolis of the Yarmouk valley system in the Umayyad period".
Mr. Claude Vibert-Guigue (IFAPO-Amman): "A French-Jordanian project for copying the painting in Quseir Amra".
Dr. Geoffrey Khan (University of Cambridge): "The pre-Islamic background of Muslim legal formularies".

Thursday, September 30, 1993

Chair: Prof. Averil Cameron (London University).
Dr. Lawrence Conrad (The Wellcome Institute): "Did al-Walid I found the first Muslim hospital?".
Dr. Pau Figueras (Ben-Gurion University): "The impact of the Islamic conquest on the Christian communities of the Third Palestine".
Prof. Daniel Sahas (University of Waterloo): "Byzantine-Arab cutlural interaction during the Umayyad ear: the circle of John of Damascus".
Prof. Sydney Griffith (The Catholic University of America): "The vita of St. Michael and its reported dialogue between St. Michael and the Caliph Abd al-Malek".

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University).
Prof. Han Drijvers (University of Groningen): "Testamentum domini nostri Jesu Chrisiti".
Mr. Robert Hoyland (Oxford University): "The correspondence between Leo III (717-41) and 'Umar II (717-720)".
Dr. Chase F. Robinson (Oxford University): "The Shaharija: `Christian` pragmatism in an early Islamic milieu".
Dr. Andrew Palmer (University of London): "Two Jacobite bishops, Theodotus (d.698) and Simeon (d. 734), and their relations with Umayyad authorities". ******************************************************************************** ARAM Fifth International Conference (Oxford University, 25-28 September, 1995): Palmyra (Tadmor) Under the Patronage of H. E. Dr. Najah al-Attar, the Syrian Minister of Culture

Monday, September 25, 1995

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM): "Welcome and introduction".
H.E. Dr. Najah Al-Attar (The Syrian Minister of Culture): "Address".
Dr. Sultan Muheisen (Director General of the Syrian Department of Antiquities & Museums): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (University of Warsaw):"News from Palmyra: current work and perspectives of research".

Tuesday, September 26, 1995

Chair: Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (University of Warsaw)
Dr. Sultan Muheisen (Director General of the Syrian Department of Antiquities & Museums): "Excavation work in Syria".
Dr. Khaled al-Assaad (Director of Palmyra Museums): "Restoration work in Palmyra".
Dr Andreas Schmidt-Colinet & Dr Annemarie Stauffer(University of Bern): "Textiles and the quarries of Palmyra"/"Eastern and Western Fashion - Reconstruction and Analysis of Palmyrene garments".
Prof Klaus Parlasca (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg):"Probleme der Palmyrischen Kunst".

Chair: Prof Han J.W. Drijvers (University of Groningen)
Dr Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet (Collège de France - Paris): "Un cratère palmyrénien inscrit: nouveau document sur la vie religieuse des palmyréniens".
Prof Malcolm A.R. Colledge (University of London): "Palmyrene funerary iconography in its Greek and Roman contexts".
Dr W Harold Mare (Covenant Theological Seminary): "Abila and Palmyra: Ancient trade routes from Southern Syria into Mesopotamia".
Dr Saito Kiyohide (Japanese Mission in Palmyra): "Excavation at Southeast Necropolis in Palmyra from 1990 to 1995".

Wednesday, September 27, 1995

Chair: Dr Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford)
Prof Delbert Hillers (John Hopkins University): "Palmyrene Aramaic: Lexical and grammatical notes".
Dr Mohammad Maraqten (University of Marburg/Lahn): "Arabic words in Palmyrene inscriptions".
Prof Han J.W. Drijvers (University of Groningen): "Inscriptions from Allat's Sanctuary".
Dr Stephanie Dalley (University of Oxford): "Bel at Palmyra, Apamea, and Assur".
Dr Jacques Seigne (IFAPO - Jordan): "The peribolos of the temple of Bel".

Chair: Dr Stephanie Dalley (University of Oxford)
Dr Valentino Columbo (Italy): "Nabataeans and Palmyreans: an analysis of the Tell el-Shuqafiyye inscriptions".
Dr Eleonora Cussini (University of Bologna): "Transfer property at Palmyra".
Miss Palmira Piersimoni (Italy): "A Palmyrene prosography: Methodological problems".
Dr Marek Baranski (University of Warsaw): "The great colonnade of Palmyra reconsidered".

Thursday, September 28, 1995

Chair: Dr Jacques Seigne (IFAPO-Jordan)
Dr Ernest Will (Institut de France-Paris):"Architecture locale et architecture impériale à Palmyre".
Dr Gerald Mattingly (Johnson Bible College): "The Palmyrene luxury trade and Revelation 18: 12-13: a neglected analogue" ******************************************************************************** ARAM Sixth International Conference (Harvard University, 9-11 June, 1996): Who are, or are, the Aramaeans?

Sunday, June 9, 1996

Opening Ceremony:
Dr. Jim F. Coakley (Director of ARAM-Harvard University): "Address".
Inaugural talk: Prof. Peter Machinist (Harvard University): "The emergence of Aramaic popular literature in the first millennium BCE".

Monday, June 10, 1996

Chair: Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Oxford University)
Prof. Paul Dion (University of Toronto): "Aramean royal courts and civilian structures of authority".
Dr. Hartmut Kühne (Free University of Berlin): "The Aramaeans on the Lower Habur, 1000-500 BCE".
Prof. Spehen Cole (Harvard University): "The early history of the Aramaeans in Iraq".
Prof. Stephen Grosby (Villanova University): "'rm klh: a nation of Aram?".

Chair: Prof. Peter Machinist (Harvard University)
Prof. John Huehnergard (Harvard University): "What isn't Aramaic? a lexicograher's dilemma".
Dr. Chul Bae (Harvard University): "Aramaic as a lingua franca in the Ancient Near East".
Prof. Oktor Skjaervo (Harvard University): "Aramaic`heterograms` in Iranian scribal traditions".
Dr. Yona Sabar (University of California at L.A.): "Parallel features of development in Jewish neo- Aramaic and modern Israeli Hebrew".
Professor Franz Rosenthal (Yale University): A free talk followed by a dinner.

Tuesday, June 11, 1996

Chair: Dr. J. F. Coakley (Harvard University)
Dr. Erica C. D. Hunter (Cambridge University): "Aramaic-speaking communities of Sasanide Mesopotamia".
Dr. Victoria Erhart (Dumbarton Oaks): "The Aramaeans of the 6th-8th centuries CE".
Dr. J.F. Coakley (Harvard University): "Assyrians or Aramaeans? In memoriam J.M.Fiey".
Dr. Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley (USA): "Mandaeans in the U.S.A. today: the tenacity of traditions". ******************************************************************************** ARAM Seventh International Conference (Oxford University, 15-18 July, 1996): Trade Routes in the Near East: Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Times

Monday, July 15, 1996

Opening Ceremony:
Dr. Shafiq Abouzayd (Chairman of ARAM - Oxford University): "Welcome & introduction".
Inaugural talk: Prof. John Carswell (Islamic Department, London): "All at sea: Recent research in the Indian Ocean".

Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Chair: Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago)
Dr. Aloïs van Tongerloo (Catholic University of Leuven): "The Three Magi wandering eastward".
Dr. Fawzi Zeyadine (Department of Antiquities-Amman): "The spice and silk routes in Transjordan in the Hellenistic and Roman periods".
Dr. Joan M. Frayn (London): "Aspects of trade on the Judaean coast in the Hellenistic and Roman periods".
Dr. Leo Mildenberg (Zurich): "Petra on the Frankincense road? - again".
Prof. Avraham Negev (Hebrew University): "Oboda - A major Nabataean caravan halt".

Chair: Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut)
Drs Lucida Dirven (Theology Institute-Leiden): "A possible trade connection between Dura- Europos and Palmyra".
Dr. John F. Healey (University of Manchester): "Palmyra and the Arabian Gulf trade".
Dr. Gerald Mattingly (Johnson Bible College-USA): "The King's highway, the desert highway, and Central Jordan's Kerak".

Wednesday, July 17, 1996

Chair: Dr Lawrence Conrad (Wellcome Institute-London)
Dr. Andrew Palmer (University of London): "The routes of pilgrims to Jerusalem".
Dr. Marlia Mundell Mango (Oxford University): "Byzantine trade with the East".
Prof. Amos Kloner (Bar Ilan University): "Stepped roads in Roman Palestine".
Dr. Mohammad A. R. Al-Thenayian (King Saud University): "The Yemeni Highland pilgrim route between San'a and Mecca".
Dr. Mohammed Maraqten (University of Marburg/Lahn): "Dangerous trade routes: On the plundering of caravans in the ancient Near East".

Chair: Dr. John F. Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. Hamad M. Bin Seray (United Arab Emirates University): "Spasinu Charax and its commercial relations with the East through the Arabian Gulf".
Dr. Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago): "The Darb Zubayda: An Abbasid trade route and its settlements across Saudi Arabia".
Prof. Nicola A. Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "External trade of Bilad al-Sham under the early Abbasids".

Thursday, July 18, 1996

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Dr. Sarit H. Oked (Ben Gurion University): "Patterns of the transport Amphora at Ostrakine during the 6th and 7th Century".
Prof. Michael Gawlikowski (Warsaw University): "The Euphrates route between Syria and Mesopotamia". ******************************************************************************** ARAM Eighth International Conference (American University of Beirut, 1-4 April, 1997) The Mamluks in Bilad Al-Sham: History and Archaeology Under the Patronage of H.E. Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, the President of the Lebanese Council of Ministers

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

Opening Ceremony:
Rev. Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (Chairman of ARAM Society): Address
H.E. Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri (The President of the Lebanese Council of Ministers): Address.
Inaugural talk: Prof Nicola Ziadeh (Emeritus Professor): "The Mamluks in the balance".

Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Chair: Prof. Angelica Neuwirth (Director of the German Institute for Oriental Studies-Beirut)
Prof. Ahmad Hoteit (Lebanese University): "Les expéditions mameloukes du centre du Mont-Liban: Répercussions sur la répartition des habitants".
Prof. Elias Kattar (Lebanese University): "La géographie de la population et relations entre les groupes au Liban à l'époque des mameloukes Circassiens".
Dr. Erica Cruikshank Dodd (University of Victoria): "Christian Arab painters under the Mamluks".
Dr. Lucy-Anne Hunt (University of Birmingham): "The production of illustrated manuscripts by Christians in 13th-14th century Syria and Mesopotamia".
Prof. Rifaat Ebied: (University of Sydney): "Inter-religious attitudes: al-Dimashqi's (d. 727/1327) letter to the people of Cyprus".

Chair: Prof. Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney)
Prof. Dr. Heinz Grotzfeld (University of Munster): "Contes populaires de l'époque des Mameloukes dans les Mille et Une Nuits".
Drs. Sabri Jarrar (Oxford University): "Suq al-Ma'rifa (Market of Knowledge), a Hanbalite Shrine in al-Haram al-Sharif".

Thursday, April 3, 1997

Chair: Mr. Camille Asmar (Director General of the Lebanese Department of Antiquities & Museums):
Drs. Sami el-Masri (Free University of Berlin): "Medieval pottery from Beirut's Downtown excavations: the first results".
Dr. Eveline J. van der Steen (University of Leiden): "What happened to Arabic-Geometric pottery in Beirut?"
Mr. Abrecht Fuess (University of Cologne): "Beirut during the Mamluk Era". Prof. Omar Tadmury (Lebanese University): "The Mamluk architecture of Tripoli al-Sham".

Chair: Dr. Samir Seikaly (American University of Beirut)
Drs. Marcus Milwright (Oxford University), "The cup of the Saqi: Origins of an emblem of the Khassakiyya".
Dr. Lutz Wiederhold (University of Halle): "Legal-religious elite and temporal authority in Mamluk society: a "Zahiri Revolt" in Damascus in 1386".
Prof. Suad al-Hakim (Lebanese University): "Le soufism et son message culturel durant la période des Mameloukes".

Friday, April 4, 1997

Chair: Dr. Helga Seeden (American University of Beirut)
Dr. Alan Walmsley (University of Sydney): "Village life in Mamluk Jordan: Views of the Jordan Valley from Fahl (Pella)"
Drs. Laurent Tholbecq (IFAPO-Amman): "Une installation d'époque islamique dans le sanctuaire de Zeus de Jérash: la céramique, chronologie et technologie".
Ms. Alison McQuitty, Ms. Mads Sarley, Ms. Mona Khoury and Ms. Chantell Hoppe: (BIAAH-Amman): "Archaeology from Khirbet Faris (Jordan): the Mamluk evidence".
Dr. Margreet Steiner (University of Leiden): "The excavation at Tell Abu Sarbut - a Mamluk village in the Jordan Valley".

Chair: Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (Emeritus Professor)
Dr. Sarab Atassi (IFEAD, Damascus): "Damas au temps des Mameloukes, la poursuite d'un développement urbain soutenu".
Dr. Howyda Al-Harithy (American University of Beirut): "Mamluk architecture in Damascus".
Dr. Nasser Rabbat (MIT-Boston): "The Mosaics of the Qubba al-Zahiriyya in Damascus: A classical Syrian medium requires a Mamluk signature". ******************************************************************************** ARAM Ninth International Conference (Oxford University, 14-16 July, 1997): Cultural Interchange in the Arabian Peninsula

Monday, July 14, 1997

Chair: Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Jordanian Department of Antiquities)
Prof. Vitaly Naumkin & Prof. Victor Porkhomovsky (Moscow University): "Scotran oral tradition and cross-cultural contacts".
Dr. Mohammad Maraqten (Philipps-Universität, Marburg/Lahn): "Mari and Arabia: Some aspects of tribal organisation and social institutions".
Dr. Ahmad Shboul (Sydney University): "Aspects of socio-cultural change and continuity in the Hijaz and its contacts with Syria in the early Islamic period".
Dr. Amin T. Tibi (Oxford): "Relations between Arabia and East Africa - as depicted in three documents".

Chair: Prof. John Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. William D. Glanzman (University of British Columbia): "South Arabia's international commerce (3rd century BC - 3rd century AD)": A re-assesment of the Evidence".
Dr. Beatrice Nicolini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan): "The source of spice: Europe, Oman and Zanzibar during the XIX century".

Open discussion (The speakers of the day are kindly required to be present).

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Chair: Prof. Vitaly Naumkin (Moscow University)
Dr. Christian Robin (Maison de la Méditerranée, Dr. Joëlle Beaucamp (Université de Provence), Dr. Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet (Collège de France): "La persécution des Chrétiens de Najraµn et la chronologie himyarite".
Dr. Hamad M. Bin Seray (United Arab Emirates University): "Christianity in East Arabia".
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "Isaac the Syrian and other ascetics from Qatar".

Chair: Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University)
Dr. Andrey Korotayev (Moscow University): "'Aramaeans' in a late Sabaic inscription".
Dr. Serguei A. Frantsouzoff (St. Petersburg University): "A gezeµrah-decree from ancient South Arabia (new approach to the interpretation of MAFRAY-H|as\iµ 1)"
Dr. Marek Baranski (Warsaw University): "The adoption of the arch structure in the architecture of the Arabian peninsula".
Open discussion (The speakers of the day are kindly required to be present).

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Chair: Prof. Vitaly Naumkin (Moscow University)
Mr. Uzi Avner (Israel Antiquities Authority): "The Nabataean standing stones and their interpretations".
Dr. Robert Wenning (Münster): "Petra and Hegra: What makes the difference?".
Mr. Laurent Tholbecq (IFAPO): "Le temple nabatéen du Wadi Ramm et son environnemnt culturel: à propos de recherches récentes".
Dr. Fawzi Zayadine (Jordanian Department of Antiquities) & Mrs. Saba Fares (IFAPO): "The Arabian tribes of Wadi Iram (Jordan)".
******************************************************************************** ARAM Tenth International Conference (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 14-17 April, 1998): The Early Ottoman Period (16th and 17th centuries)

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Chair: Prof. Mohammad Adnan Al-Bakhit (Al al-Bayt University)
Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "The Coming of the Ottomans".
Prof. Linda T. Darling (University of Arizona): "The Syrian provinces in Ottoman eyes".
Prof. Dr. Wolf Hütteroth (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): "Northeastern Syria and adjoining parts of Iraq and Turkey under early Ottoman rule (16th Century)".
Dr. Taisir El-Zawahreh (Mu'tah University, Jordan): "The Turks (al-Rum) in the works of Najm al-Din al-Ghazzi".

Chair: Prof. Angelica Neuwirth (Orient-Institüt, Berlin)
Dr. Joseph Rahme (Michigan University): "Some socio-economic observations on late 16th century Ottoman Syria".
Dr. Issam Khalifeh (Université Libanaise): "Les pressoirs et les moulins au Mont-Liban, XVIme - XVIIme siècles". (En arabe avec une traduction française).
Dr. Samir Seikaly (American University of Beirut): "Al-Fatwa al-Khairiyya: Juridical literature as a source for the study of socio-economic and religious trends in 17th century Ottoman Palestine".
Dr. Boutros Labaki (Université Libanaise): "L’histoire économique de la principauté ma‘anaïte". (En arabe avec une traduction française).

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Chair: Dr. Eugene Rogan (Oxford University)
Prof. Dr. Robert Mantran (Université de Provence): "Le pouvoir ottoman en Syrie au XVIe siècle: Kanunname et inscriptions monumentales".
Mr. Stefan Weber (German Institute-Damascus): "Imperial architecture and local design: decoration of the Damascene buildings in the early Ottoman period in Syria".
Dr. Robert Schick (Albright Institute): "The Archaeology of Palestine/Jordan in the early Ottoman period".
Dr. Mohammed Adnan al-Bakhit (Al al'Bayt University): "The Waqf of Tulkarm (Palestine) during the early Ottoman period".

Chair: Prof. Dr. Robert Mantran (Université de Provence)
Drs. Hind el’Soufi-Assaf (Université Libanaise): "Les vestiges ottomans de Tripoli, 16me-17me siècles".
Dr. Reuben Thorpe (German Institute-Beirut): "Ottoman archaeology in the Beirut Souks area".
Dr. Hasan Ramez Badawi (Lebanese University): "The Mosques of Sidon in the early Ottoman period (16th-17th centuries)". (In Arabic with an English translation).
Drs. Ruba Kana‘an (Oxford University): "The Travels of Evliya Çelebi: a re-interpretation of the urban history of 17th century Bilad al-Sham".

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Chair: Prof. Valeria Piacentini (University of Milan)
Dr. Mounir Ismail (Université Libanaise): "La transformation du système des priviléges étrangers au système des fidèicommissaires durant le règne de Soleiman al-Qanouni". (In Arabic with a French translation).
Dr. Hasan Yahyia (Université Libanaise): "Les dévelopements du système governemental entre l'autorité ottomane et le pouvoir local dans Bilad al-Sham, 1520-1636". (In Arabic with a French translation).
Prof. Rifaat Ebied (University of Sydney): "An unknown poem on the siege of Aleppo and the violent events of A.H. 1065/A.D. 1655".
Dr. Otfried Weintritt (Albert-Ludwig University/Freiburg): "Biography as historiography in an early 17th century chronicle from Syria".

Chair: Dr. Boutros Labaki (Université Libanaise)
Rev. Dr. Samir Khalil (Université St. Joseph): "Les chrétiens et les prémices de la renaissance arabe aux 16e et 17e siècles".
Dr. Carsten-Michael Walbiner (German Institute-Beirut): "Some remarks on the hierarchy of the Greek-Orthodox Church in Bilad ash-Sham in the 16th- 17th centuries".
Drs. Souad Slim (Balamand University): "The situation of Waqf between ‘Timar’ system and ‘Iltizam’".

******************************************************************************** ARAM Eleventh International Conference (Oxford University, 13-15 July, 1998): Cultural Interchange in the East of the Arabian Peninsula

Monday, July 13, 1998

Chair: Prof. Moawiyah Ibrahim (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (Oxford University): "From Qatar to Tokyo, by way of Mar Saba: the translations of Isaac of Niniveh’s writings".
Prof. John Healey (Manchester University) & Dr. Hamad Bin Seray (U.A.E. University): "Aramaic in the Gulf: towards a corpus".
Dr. Bruce Ingham (University of London): "The bedouins of Qatar in the light of cultural interaction".
Dr. Beatrice Nicolini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart-Milan): "Sa‘id bin Sultan of the Al Bu Sa‘idi of Oman (1806-1856) and his relationship with Europe".

Chair: Prof. John Healey (Manchester University)
Dr. Aviva Klein-Franke (Universität zu Köln): "The Hebrew and the Arabic inscription in the mosque of Beith al-Hadr".
Prof. Paolo M. Costa (University of Bologna): "The ancient Jewish community of Sohar (Oman)".
Mr. Carl Phillips (University of London): "Cultural interchange in the East of the Arabian Peninsula illustrated by the excavations at Kalba (UAE)".

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Chair: Mr. Michael Macdonald (University of Oxford)
Prof. Ahmad Shboul (University of Sydney): "East Arabia and Syria during the Umayyad period".
Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "Trade and travel in the Arabian Gulf in the Middle Ages".
Prof. Clive Holes (Oxford University): "Dialogue Poems in Eastern Arabia: a literary link with ancient Mesopotamia".
Dr. Hasan R. Badawi (Lebanese University): "La viabilité à Tyr et l’échange culturel avec l’est de la péninsule arabe à l’époque tardo-antique".

Chair: Mr. Peter Parr (University of London)
Dr. Dr. Hanae Sasaki (Kanazawa University-Japan): "Ancient maritime trade and cultural interchange between the Arabian Gulf and East Asia".
Prof. Valeria Piacentini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart-Milan): "Merchant families in the Gulf. A mercantile and cosmopolitan dimension - the written evidence (11-13 centuries AD)".
Dr. Salma Samar Damluji (United Arab Emirates University ): "The vernacular architecture in the cities of Oman and the United Arab Emirates".

******************************************************************************** ARAM Twelfth International Conference (American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 13-16 April, 1999): Beirut: History and Archaeology

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Chair: Piero Bartoloni (Institute of Phoenician and Punic Civilisation, Rome)
Dr. J.P. Thalmann (Université de Sorbonne): "The Bronze Age on the Syro-Lebanese coast (Tell ‘Arqa and Beirut)".
Dr. Michel Al-Maqdissi (IFAPO-Damas): "Les données récentes sur l’Âge du Bronze ancien dans la plaine de Jablé (côte syrienne)".
Dr. Leila Badre (American University of Beirut): "The Bronze Age of Beirut: Major results".

Dr. Hans Curvers (University of Amsterdam): "The lower town of pre-classical Beirut".
Dr. Uwe Finkbeiner (University of Tübingen): "The Iron Age fortification and city gate: new evidence".
Mr. Francisco Núñez Calvo (University of Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona): "An approach to trade relations in Iron Age Beirut: the ceramic evidence".

Chair: Dr. Helen Sader (American University of Beirut)
Mrs. Françoise Chaput (University of Tübingen): "Un cimetière de chiens de l’époque perse à Beyrouth".
Dr. Hussein Sayegh (Université Libanaise): "L'architecture domestique durant la période perse".

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Chair: Prof. Pascal Arnaud (Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis)
Dr. John W. Hayes (University of Oxford): "Aspects of Hellenistic/Roman pottery (finds from site Bey 004 and their connections)".
Ms. Catherine Aubert (IFAPO-Beirut): "Architecture hellénistique et peinture murale à Beyrouth".
Dr. Margreet Steiner (University of Leiden): "The results of the excavations at BEY 011: the Hellenistic and Byzantine souk".
Mr. Dominic Perring (University of York): "Classical Beirut: themes of urban continuity and change - Hellenistic to Byzantine Beirut".

Dr. Barbara Stuart (University of Amsterdam): "Cemetries in Beirut".
Dr. Ulrike Outschar (Austrian Academy of Science): "Amphorae Peacock Class 45 (micacous water jars) and their trade in the Eastern Mediterranean".
Dr. Kevin Butcher (American University of Beirut): "Coin circulation in Roman Beirut: the assemblages from BEY 006 and 045".
Mr. Reuben Thorpe (A.C.R.E.): "The Imperial Thermae of BEY 045 and Observations on the Topography of Roman Beirut".

Chair: Mr. Dominic Perring (University of York)
Drs. Noor Mulder-Hijmans (University of Maastricht): "Egg shell oil lamps from the Roman souk of Bey 011".
Ms. Rima Mikati (American University of Beirut): "The spatial, functional and chronological aspects of lamp studies; the Roman Bath Lamps, BEY 045"
Drs. Lidewgde de Jong (University of Amsterdam): "The Roman burial practices in Beirut".

Prof. Pascal Arnaud (Université de Nice- Sophia Antipolis): "Beirut commerce and trade: late Hellenistic to Byzantine times".
Ms. Sarah Jennings (English Heritage) & Ms. Joanna Abdallah (AUB): "Glass from Beirut: Roman to Mamluk".

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Chair: Prof. Jean-Marie Dentzer (IFAPO)
Dr. Linda Jones Hall (St Mary’s College of Maryland): "Beirut through the Classical texts: From Colonia to Civitas".
Dr. Henry I. MacAdam (Princeton University): "The Roman Law School of Beirut."

Dr. Frederic Alpi (IFAPO): "Beyrouth byzantine et proto-islamique: continuité et ruptures (Ve-VIIIe s.)".
Dr. Muntaha Saghieh-Beydoun (Lebanese University): "The stratigraphy and architecture of sector BEY 004".
Dr. Paul Reynolds (American University of Beirut): "Pottery in Beirut: Economic trends in the 6th-7th centuries A.D."
Dr. John Meloy (American University of Beirut): "Beirut’s political and economic status in the Islamic periods".

Chair: Dr. Samir Seikaly (American University of Beirut)
Ms. Patricia Antaki (American University of Beirut): "The Crusader castle of Beirut".
Ms. Eveline van der Steen (University of Leiden): "Mamluk and Ottoman pottery."
Dr. Joseph G. Rahme (The University of Michigan-Flint): "Demographic history of Ottoman Beirut, 1516-1918".

Mr. Oussama Kabbani (Solidere-Beirut): "Preservation and restoration of historical buildings (Solidere)."
Mrs. Isabelle Skaf (Directorate General of Antiquities): "Lifted mosaics from the Beirut excavations: conservation problems".
Mrs. Renata Tarazi (Départment Libanais des Antiquités): "Loi et pratique dans la conservation du patrinoine culturel".
Dr. Helga Seeden (American University of Beirut): "Dialoguing with the past: Will Beirut’s past still speak to the future?"

******************************************************************************** ARAM Thirteenth International Conference (Harvard University, 13-15 June, 1999): The Mandaeans

Sunday, June 13, 1999

Baptisms in the Charles River

Monday, June 14, 1999

Chair: Professor Karen King
Dr. Nathaniel Deutsch (Swarthmore College): "The palm tree and the wellspring: Mandaeism and Jewish mysticism".
Dr. Roberto Sánchez Vanlencia (Univeristy of Iberoamericana, Mexico): "An approach to the identity of 'Adversarius legis et prophetarium' by St. Augustine".
Dr. Fabrizio Pennacchietti (University of Torino): "An Arabo-Islamic tale in agreement with the Mandaean belief that John the Baptist got married".

Chair: Professor Peter Machinist
Mr. James Tabor (University of North Carolina): "John as Saviour of the world: some pro-John the Baptist readings in medieval Shem-Tob’s Hebrew Mathew and their New Testament provenance".
Dr. Francesca Rochberg (University of California at Riverside): "Babylonian celestial divination and astrology in the Mandaean Book of the Zodiac".

Chair: Professor James Russell
Dr. Erica Hunter (University of Cambridge): "Mandaean bowls in the British Museum".
Dr. Mikhail Tarelko (Belarusian State University, Minsk): "A magical scroll in the Drower collection".
Dr. Edwin M. Yamauchi (Miami University): "Mandaic incantation texts: lead rolls and magic bowls".

Chair: Prof. John Huehnergard
Panel on the Mandaic language, featuring native speakers.
A showing of Lady Drower's 1954 film of Mandaean ceremonies in Iraq, with commentary by Jorunn J. Buckley.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Chair: Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (University of Oxford)
Dr. Sinasi Gündüz (University of Ondokuz Mayis, Turkey): "Problems on the Muslim understanding of the Mandaeans".
Dr. Jorunn J. Buckley (Bowdoin College): "The use of colophons and scribal postscripts in envisioning Manadaean history".
Dr. Edmondo F. Lupieri, (University of Udine, Italy): "On the history of early contacts between Mandaeans and Europeans".

Chair: Prof. Wolfhart Heinrichs
Miss Roberta Broghero (University of Torino): "A 17th century glossary of Mandaic".
Mr. Brian Mubaraki (Sydney, Australia): "The development and advantages of typed Mandaic".

******************************************************************************** ARAM Fourteenth International Conference (Oxford University, 12-14 July, 1999): Antioch and Edessa

Monday, July 12, 1999

Chair: Prof. Amos Kloner (Hebrew University)
Dr. Daphna V. Arbel (University of British Columbia): "Junction of tradition in Edessa: possible interaction between Mesopotamian mythological and Jewish mystical traditions in the first centuries CE".
Dr. Serguei A. Frantsouzoff (University of Petersburg): "Antioch in South Arabian tradition and in medieval Ethiopian literature".

Chair: Prof. Riccardo Contini (University of Venice)
Mr. Alain Desreumaux (Paris): "Nouvelles inscriptions araméennes édesséniennes en Osrhoène".
Prof. Catherine Saliou (Paris): "Mythes et récits de fondation d’Antioche".

Chair: Prof. Zeidoun Al-Muheisen (Yarmouk University, Jordan)
Dr. Grégoire Poccardi & Mr. Jacques Leblanc (Université de Nanterre): "Nouvelles recherches sur la ville d’Antioche et ses faubourgs: le stade olympique de Daphné".
Dr. Hans Erbes (University of Uppsala): "The Syro-Hexapla readings in relation to the Peshitta variants and related versional readings in Joshua 1-5".

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Chair: Prof. Chip Coakley (Harvard University)
Dr. Muriél Debié (Paris): "Record keeping and chronicle writing in Antioch and Edessa".
Dr. Witold Witakowski (University of Upsala): "The Antiochene continuation of Eusebius’ chronicle in Syriac".

Chair: Prof. Paolo Costa (University of Bologna)
Dr. Shafiq AbouZayd (University of Oxford): "The untamed violence of Syrian ascetics: a study of the problem of violence and killing in the Liber Graduum".
Dr. Ephrem Yousif (Université Paris X): "Les calamités: Sauterelles, famine, peste, guerre, tremblement de terre, à Édesse et à Antioche du quatrième au septième siècle dans les chroniques syriaques".

Chair: Dr. Theresa Ubrainczyk (University of Oxford)
Dr. Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford): "The Impact of Hellenism on Syriac: Greek loanwords in the writings of two authors of Edessa, Ephrem & Narsai".
Prof. Michel van Esbroeck (University of Munich): "Peter the Fuller and Cyrus of Edessa".

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Chair: Dr. R. Bas Ter Haar Romeny (University of Leiden)
Dr. Erica C.D. Hunter (Cambridge University): "The transmission of Greek scientific knowledge: Cambridge ms. Mm. 6.29".
Dr. Klaus-Peter Todt (University of Mainz): "Antioch and Edessa in the so-called treaty of Deabolis/Devol (September 1108)".

Chair: Prof. Rifaat Ebied (University of Sydney)
Prof. Nicola Ziadeh (American University of Beirut): "Dawood al-Antaki (David of Antioch) in Arab history".
Dr. Carsten-Michael Walbiner (Orient-Institut, Beirut): "The city of Antioch in the writings of Macatius ibn Azza‘im (17th century)".
Dr. Nikolaj Serikoff (Wellcome Institute): "Patriarch Gregory al-Haddad and his gift to Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. (About the Christian Arabic MSS preserved in the St-Petersburg Institute of Oriental Studies)".

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