Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts for both poster and oral papers are required. Once accepted, abstracts for both types of presentation will be published in a Conference Programme. Abstracts should be sent by email as an attachment (preferably Microsoft Word) to this address:

Abstracts that include a figure or table should be emailed as above with the figure/table embedded in the word file (see details below). No hard copies or disks are required unless requested by us, or unless you have not got access to a computer/email. Keep a back-up copy. Receipt of all abstracts will be acknowledged by email (or mail if no email address is available).

All abstracts must be with the conference organisers by Friday 1 February 2002 without exception. The organisers will be planning the programme in the week following this deadline and so it is absolutely essential that your abstract is available.

Formatting for abstracts

Page set up: A4 page with 25-mm margins at top, bottom, and left and right margins

Font: Times or Times New Roman throughout, 12-point throughout

Format details:

• no page numbers or footnotes

• title of paper should be centred, in bold capitals, and single spaced

• each author’s name should be in bold lower case (12-point font) and should be followed by institutional addresses and email addresses in lower case (each separated by a comma) and in normal 12-point font

• the authors’ names and addresses are to be centred

• the name of the author presenting the paper is to be underlined (no underline needed for a sole author)

• leave a single space between the title and the authors’ names/addresses and between the latter and the body text

• body text is to be single-spaced, both left and right justified

• insert an extra line between paragraphs, no indentations

• maximum text (including any figure/table/references) not to exceed one page.

• figures and tables are to be embedded in the Word file and as TIFF, JPG, EPS, PICT, or EMF.

• references listed at the bottom of the page.



J.B Williams, Anthropology Department, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK []

C.D. De Niro, Radiocarbon Laboratory, P.O. Box 30-368, Waterford, Ireland  []

T.N. Smith, Archaeology Consultants, P.O. Box 34, Smithton, Kentucky, USA []

In this paper we discuss issues of radiocarbon dating of archaeological sites in Upper Volta…..

The paper will conclude with a review of other methods.


Welham, J.T. 2001. Radiocarbon dates from Upper Volta. Radiocarbon 94:133-39.