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Oxford places


Bronze Age Scripts and Aegean Prehistory Websites


Institutions with information about Aegean Bronze Age Scripts

Fitzwilliam Museum

Archaeological Museum of Chania

Archaeological Museum of Iraklion Click on Museums, Monuments and Archaeological Sites of Hellas, then List of Museums, then Archaeological Museums, which gives you an alphabetical list for Heraklion Archaeological Museum

London Institute of Classical Studies (Ventris archive set to go on-line in 2004)

British School at Athens

The British Museum

·      Ventris-Chadwick Archives, Cambridge


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I don't have these links activated yet, but at least the addresses may be useful.

Aegean Bronze and Early Iron Age / Homeric Archaeology


On-line Resources


 Archaeology for Amateurs: The Mysteries of Crete

Excellent website by Lucia Nixon and Simon Price of Oxford Classics. It’s not just for amateurs – alongside good introductions to archaeological techniques and dating, is great info on Minoans etc.

 Jeremy Rutter’s course

Excellent overview of the Aegean Bronze Age.

 The Prehistory of Mainland Greece [but link seems to be dead]

A series of illustrated lectures by some outstanding scholars in the field: The Early Prehistory of Greece by Curtis Runnels; Early Bronze Age by D. J. Pullen; Origins of Mycenaean Civilization by Jack Davis; Mycenaean Palaces by John Bennet; Mycenaean Art by John Younger; The End of It All  by Ian Morris.



[A very comprehensive listing of on-line resources]


[The quintessential bibliography for Aegean Bronze Age]

 SMID (Studies in Mycenaean Dialects and Inscriptions)

Articles on everything relating to Linear B and other Bronze Age Aegean scripts - accessed through PASP (see below)



 Cambridge Mycenaean Epigraphy Group

[History of the decipherment of Linear B, biographies of Ventris & Chadwick, and more….]

Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory (PASP)

[Recently updated – Ventris letters and more; also through this site you can get to SMID on-line (see above)]

John Younger’s sites [Wonderful] [For sealstones, by a master]


Archaeological SITES

 Individual sites/excavations which happen to have websites


 Uluburun (Bronze Age shipwreck)

And an interactive version – you too can dive the seas. Great fun:

 Hattusas (capital of the Hittite Empire)


Websites with info about various sites


 Minoan Crete (Greece)

Can’t find it anymore… dead?

 Minoan Crete (UK)

Especially for quick look-up of sites - the site is available in English and Polish

 British School at Athens

Info on: Mycenae, Lefkandi, Sparta, Palaikastro, and more

 Greek Ministry of Culture

Info on many sites and museums, usually with some lovely photos.


Very cool. QTVR. You can ‘tour’ individual sites, walking through doors with the click of a button and getting 360o views by swivelling the mouse. Don’t waste too much time, though…..



 Nemea Valley Archaeological Project


Sphakia Survey


Kythera Island Project


Pylos Regional Archaeological Project (PRAP)

Hm…seems to have moved after many years….