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Richard M. Bailey

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Brief details of some of my research projects are given in these pages—please do get in touch if you would like more info.

A common theme in the majority of my work is the use and development of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating. Basic information about our laboratory can be found here. OSL methods provide an amazingly versatile set of tools which are used in fields as varied as palaeoenvironments, archaeology, medical dosimetry and extra terrestrial exploration.  In collaboration with others, I use OSL dating to study ancient climates and environments, and to study the evolution and behavior of ancient humans.

I also have a keen interest in the general properties of complex systems, and the application of relevant theories and analytical methods in environmental contexts. Recently this interest has been focused on self-organization and thresholds in semi-arid vegetation cover, and on analysis of high-resolution palaeoclimate proxy records.


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Field class in the Scottish highlands, 2008