Archery at Oxford University

OUCofA is the archery club of Oxford University and membership is open to everyone. We have practice sessions several times a week, primarily at the university sports centre, inside in the winter and outside in the summer. We have about 50 members currently and are always keen to welcome new members or guests.


We shoot indoors during Michaelmas and Hilary, in the main hall of the university sports centre, and outdoors on the rugby field for Trinity (see directions of how to get there).

Indoor shooting times are:

The main sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, at which everybody is welcome. We also have two extra sessions, for which archers are expected to have a full knowledge of range safety, basic archery equipment and technique.


The two weekday afternoon sessions (in bold above) are the perfect time to join in if you want to learn archery. Come and have a go at any or all of these sessions in the first two weeks of Michaelmas term to get an excellent idea of what archery is about. The club runs an archery course starting in 3rd Week of the Michaelmas term, with each lesson being taught by the club's coaches on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons:

1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week 6th Week 7th Week 8th Week
Free Sessions Free Sessions Lesson 1: relaxation Lesson 2: preparation Lesson 3: the raise Lesson 4: the draw Lesson 5: the release Lesson 6: competition
Tuesday and Thursday afternoon sessions in Michaelmas term

This archery course is suited to everyone from the absolute beginner to the committed improver. Experienced archers can also gain from these lessons, as they give an opportunity to revise the basics and take a look at their overall technique.


The club has many very experienced members. Alongside the training course there will always be bosses set up especially for members who want to get on and practice thier shooting. At the extra sessions, the club's coaches will be on hand to give expert advice to anyone who want to improve their shot, in addition to the wealth of experience of the members themselves.


If you're interested in joining the club, look at the rest of this section to find out about what we get upto. You can e-mail us if you have any questions. Feel free to turn up at one of our shooting sessions if you want to join, or contact one of the committee.

Membership this year is 30 to cover GNAS membership, insurance, equipment and tournament subsidies.