The Target Drinking Game

Based on an idea by Stan Carpenter at Warwick
Adapted by the OUCofA committee

This is the drinking game that the club has taken to its heart. The scoring is fairly simple: for each drink you get the score you'd expect if you hit the appropriate ring on an archery face (10 zone scoring), but double points if you down it.

BOSS and STAND 1 pint Lager Qualifiers No points
1 pint Bitter
The TARGET 1 pint lemonade White 1 point
1 double Vodka 2 points
1 pint Guinness Black 3 points
1 double Bacardi and Coke 4 points
1 bottle Labbatt's blue Blue 5 points
1 double Blue Curacao 6 points
1 pint Snakebite and black Red 7 points
1 double Pernod and black 8 points
1 pint cider and Hooch Gold 9 points
1 double Advocaat 10 points
1 Cadbury's Creme Egg Compound Ring No points

Rules: There is no set time limit for finishing each drink, or for finishing the game. You can make up your own if you like to alter the difficulty level; we consider you a wuss if you take more than two hours for the 10 scoring drinks. Straws are not allowed - the bottle of Labatt's Blue is the only killer drink in the game, so you're not getting it made more easy for you.

Some explanation of the more obscure drinks: Blue Curacao and Gold Strike (cinnamon schnapps with flakes of gold in it) should be available in a suitably large supermarket or off-licence. I'm not sure whether Hooch is available in all countries: it's an alcoholic lemonade, 5% abv, that can be replaced with any similar drink (or indeed vodka mixed with lemonade to the required strength). Snakebite is half lager and half cider - snakebite and black is the same with a little blackcurrant cordial added.

If you live somewhere where it's difficult to get cider (weird idea), make up some apple juice to 6% abv and use that.

Individual scores should be carefully calculated by anyone capable of doing so (although the game doesn't get you that incapacitated, on the whole). The top four individual scores do, as usual, constitute the team score.

Lady competitors, in deference to their different physiology, are given three byes which may be used at their discretion.