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Welcome to the OUCofA web site. This is the no frames version which is generally less up to date than the main page - to get the latest information it's best to view the framed site with a decent browser. It's quite likely I'll phase these pages out quite soon as they don't get viewed very often and are a pain to keep updating as well as the other pages. If you think this is a bad idea, e-mail me and if I get enough requests to keep them I'll leave them here.

The pages have been split into four categories to make navigating the vast expanse of the site easier.

New members interested in joining should see the info on where and when we shoot.


There are now two clubnewsletters for those of you who've lost the paper copy, didn't get on in the first place, or had no idea that there was a newsletter. All the information you could ever want to know about what's going on in the club this term.

Information for Members

...ex-members and wannabes. You'll find it all here.

Club info - All the details you need to join our fun club.

Social events - The exciting things we'll be up to in the near future.

Tournaments - The exciting places we'll be shooting in the near future.

Club Records - How well do you compare to the club's finest?

Mailing List - A list of our members, with links to their home pages.

The Virtual Trophy Cabinet - See what trophies we've won recently. (On another site.)

Minutes of the 1995 AGM - If you weren't there (or if you were, but, like me, seem unable to remember any of it), this is what went on.

Club History - meticulously researched by Dave Spence and stored on his site.

Vomitwatch OUCofA - Help us catch wanted chunderers.

Our newsgroup, ox.clubs.archery, but there's never anything in it. See How to read newsgroups, if you'd like to buck the trend and contribute something.

Information for Friends

If you shoot against us, know some of our members or are just curious, here's some stuff that you might find interesting.

Results - As well as full scores for OUCofA members, this page has full scores from any tournaments we've hosted and full team scores from any tournaments we've attended. There are also partial results from 96/97, 95/96 and 94/95.

For Sale - Currently 1 bow, 1 arrow rest and a couple of t-shirts.

Contact Addresses - write to us!

Directions to OUCofA - for those wishing to attend one of our tournaments.

The Varsity Match - our annual battle with Cambridge.

Oxford Pub Guide - more useful than the equipment reviews, because we know more about drinking than about archery.

The Quotes Book Online - Club members embarrass themselves.

Information for Everyone

Archery-related or otherwise, we've got lots of stuff here.

Photos - Embarassing photos from events throughout the year.

Equipment Reviews

Beginners' Mistakes - And how to avoid them.

The Home-Made Finger Sling - How to make one of your own.

Archery games - other sports and games altered to be playable with a bow and arrow. Some of them are good fun.

The OUCofA Bad Joke Page.

Robin Hood - The lyrics to the infamous song.

The Target Drinking Game - get drunk in an archery-esque fashion.

Links to other archery sites

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