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Club Records

Some of these records are old and rather poor, mostly because nobody bothers to shoot the rounds. Club members should feel free to break them and get themselves on the books.

Apparently the Portsmouth record should be over 580, so it looks like the real records have gone missing somewhere along the way. The record for the Gents FITA is obviously wrong, but I'd blame that on a typo by my predecessor.

There's also a version of this page without tables for those of you whose browsers don't support HTML3+.


FITA 18mTim HollidayChrist Church 60.460.65.2.90
FITA 25mChris BoothMerton 59.489.136.4.86
Bray IIDavid LoweBrasenose 30.266.1124.11.86
PortsmouthDavid LoweBrasenose 60.576.3818.2.87
StaffordJohn TrotterLMH 72.617.1529.3.87
WorcesterDavid LoweBrasenose 60.282.4325.2.87
Target DrinkingTom ArnoldOriel 10.10.11024.5.97
FITA 18mHelen ReadSt Hilda's 60.513.96.1.87
FITA 25mGillian BarberSomerville 60.491.1022.3.87
PortsmouthHelen ReadSt Hilda's 60.559.3118.2.87
WorcesterHelen ReadSt Hilda's
Target DrinkingSuzanne WellerSEH 7.110.724.5.97


FITA (Gents)Chris BoothMerton 142. 107.1423.6.85
Metric IChris BoothMerton 138.1108.304.9.86
Long Metric (Gents)Dave SpenceSEH 72.513.1016.6.97
Long Metric IKeith MarshallCatz 61.345.32.5.86
Short MetricChris BoothMerton 72.596.1525.7.86
YorkDavid LoweBrasenose 144.938.-25.6.86
HerefordChris BoothMerton 142.1078.6829.9.85
St. GeorgeDave SpenceSEH 108.768.36??.6.97
AlbionMarcus WhiteSEH 108.866.??11.5.96
WindsorGraham JonesExeter 108.906.7730.5.95
New WesternStephen BushKeble 92.570.2126.6.87
Long WesternChris BoothMerton 94.718.4528.6.85
WesternDave SpenceSEH 95.677.3614.5.95
AmericanTrevor BarkerQueen's 89.695.529.6.82
New NationalGraham JonesExeter 71.467.199.6.96
Long NationalDavid LoweBrasenose 71.505.-6.5.86
NationalDavid HumphriesKeble 72.574.218.8.85
FITA (Ladies)Gillian BarberSomerville 141.1020.1528.8.87
Long Metric (Ladies)Caroline SawkinsHertford 72.478.730.4.86
Short MetricGillian BarberSomerville 72.545.114.9.87
HerefordGillian BarberSomerville 141.945.3924.6.87
AlbionHelen ReadSt. Hilda's 107.757.4013.6.87
WindsorSuzanne WellerSEH 100.636.2314.6.97
Long WesternGillian BarberSomerville 95.675.2926.6.87
WesternHelen ReadSt. Hilda's 96.682.3327.4.87
Long NationalGillian BarberSomerville 72.458.1527.5.87
NationalCaroline SawkinsHertford 72.514.2428.4.86


  1. An archer must be a member of OUCofA at the time a score is made for it to count as a club record.
  2. Scores can be made at a tournament or an official club day (any club).
  3. All scores must be recorded by the Tournaments and Records Officer.
  4. Eligible rounds are those recognised by GNAS. Plus the Target Drinking Game.
  5. Scores are #hits.score.#golds
  6. Target Drinking Game scores are #drunk.score.#downed

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