Town vs Gown

Our annual grudge match against Oxford Archers takes place on Sunday of second week (24th January).

Grudge Match vs Cambridge

This is in Cambridge, so we can only send four archers. Takes place on Saturday of 2nd week (30th January).


Each year the Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society (don't ask) organize a round-robin tournament for six universities, with a leg held at each university. All rounds are Portsmouth rounds (5 dozen arrows at 20 yards, ten zone scoring). There are always novice, individual and team competitions and are usually good fun, with the most universities holding a social afterwards.

There are three BUTTS legs this term:

County Indoor Championships

Held on Sunday of 5th week (14th February)

BUSA Indoor Championships

Held on Saturday of 7th week (6th March). A selected team will be attending the tournament.

Club Championships

Held on Monday of 8th week (8th March). There will be medals for the top three male and female archers as well as the best novice archer.


Held on Sunday of 9th week (14th March). Our very own tournament, with which we will need lots of help! You may notice that it is slightly outside of term, but if you have any problems with college accommodation, we want you to shoot so much that I'm sure that something can be sorted out, even if it means sleeping on somebody's floor. For more information on OUIT, take a look at the OUIT page on this site.

Omar is our current Tournaments and Records Officer and is in charge of finding out when tournaments are happening. He'll let everyone know near the time when a tournament is going on. If you're particularly keen to find out, you can e-mail him.

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