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The Tideway Slug (24/04/02)
The Summer boat demolition projects that are known as bumps got off to an early start on the Isis this year with the rescheduled (yet again) Oxford City Bumps.

While chewing on a particularly tasty bit of hedge along the riverbank, the Slug's little twitchy feelers picked up some interesting results...

Setting an early benchmark for the rest of the event, City of Oxford RC men successfully mounted Merton's first boat in the first race of the day, resulting in a damaged Merton rudder, and lots of Duck Tape for the City boys (who were apparently penalised for over-aggressive steering). Merton then successfully bumped the bank in the second race, watching most of the division row past.

The "Bump" of the day belonged to Linacre women, another crew who appeared to be trying to take an overland shortcut, but in the nick of time the plucky girls managed to avoid further carnage... by knocking the end of the bows off their boat.

University College had the most eventful final race, however. Having bumped up to head in the first 3 races, the City boys bumped them with a very impressive start.... but unfortunately the Judges didn't seem to notice City going round and then parking in front of Univ, removing the poor college boys' rudder in the process - leaving Univ to watch the rest of the division swerve round and past them as they tried to get away from the bank and the City boat.

The City girls, meanwhile, sat at head watching Osler-Green and Merton trade bumps behind them, with Merton 2 passing Merton 1 and Osler in the final race of the day.

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