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Newton Johnson/Beaumont

Newton Johnson Logo Monday 1st week (14 October)
7.45 for 8pm
Wolfson College, the Buttery

The first tasting of this term will be dedicated to two promising small wineries from South Africa: Newton Johnson produces fine wines in the Hermanus Region of the Cape and is well known for its oaked Chardonnay. Beaumont Wines is a family run business offering a wide variety of wines in small quantities.

45 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

The Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Royal Tokaji Logo Monday 2nd week (21 October)
7.45 for 8pm
Summer Common Room, Magdalen College

Known since the Middle Ages as the 'wine of Kings and the King of wines', Tokaji is an extraordinary, rare and expensive sweet wine from the north of Hungary. Once the favoured drink of the French & Russian courts, the 20th century saw its decline under the Soviet regime. Now it is rediscovering its history and the Royal Tokaji Wine Company is leading the region's renaissance as one of its' finest producers. This evening we welcome the company's Director, Mr Ben Howkins, who will be talking about the region and the story of Royal Tokaji's foundation together with a tasting of their wines back to rare first vintages from 1990.

36 places. Please book online. £4 payable on the glass.

Beginner's Guide to Wine - Class One

Glass of Red Wine Friday 2nd week (25 October)
7pm - lasting approx. 3 hours
Old Law Library, Magdalen College

The first in a series of three small-group classes introducing wine to beginners. The classes cover tasting skills, 'good'vs. 'poor'wines, major white and red grape varieties and styles of wine. The dates of the second and third classes are:

Friday 3rd week (1 November)
Friday 4th week (8 November)

Due to the content of these classes they can only be booked as a series rather than individual lessons.

PDF File
Please download this PDF for further details.

Cost: £25 members, £35 non-members. To book a place please pigeon post a cheque (payable to 'Beth Shapiro') to Beth Shapiro at Balliol College as soon as possible.

Wines of Germany

German Vineyards Thursday 3rd week (31 October)
7.45 for 8pm
Magdalen College, Oscar Wilde Room


Wine trade experts and journalists regard the Riesling wines of Germany as amongst the very finest expression of grape and vineyard in the world. Since the introduction of viticulture by the Romans, these wines enjoyed a huge popularity until recent decades. From the dangerously steep slopes of the Mosel River to the flat lands of Baden near the Rhine, the county produces a wide range of mainly white wine styles - dry & aromatic to luscious & sweet. Now enjoying a renaissance, particularly as the perfect aperitif or accompaniment to modern Asian and oriental cooking, we will tonight sample a range of the country's finest producers: J.J. Prüm, Fritz Haag, Reinhold Haart, Karl Lingenfelder and many more. Renowned for their ability to age, vintages will date back to the famous 1990, one of the best in generations.

This evening is generously sponsored by the German Wine Information Service, who are also providing a comprehensive German wine information pack for everyone.

50 places. Please book online. £3 payable on the glass.

Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Logo Thursday 4th week (7 November)
7.45 for 8pm
University College, 90 High Street Lecture Room

Brown Brothers, of the Milawa region of Victoria, produce the largest range of varietal wines in Australia. Under the influence of CEO Ross Brown, this family-run winery has enjoyed considerable international expansion and an enviable reputation for producing wines of a consistently high standard. This evening we are delighted to welcome Susan Hulme of Vintuition Ltd. to present a selection of these exciting wines.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Aberlour Whisky

Aberlour Whisky Logo Monday 5th week (11 November)
7.45 for 8pm
New Rooms, Magdalen College


Lying in the heart of Speyside, the village and distillery of Aberlour have long been famous for their whisky. Using pure spring water and Scottish barley, these classic single-malts have received many awards in recent years. Tonight Aberlour will give an educational presentation on whisky production and bring with them samples of cask strength spirits (bourbon and sherry cask) as well as finished products from their range of 10 and 15 year old malts.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.


Errázuriz Logo Monday 6th week (18 November)
7.45 for 8pm
New Rooms, Magdalen College


The Society is honoured to be hosting Eduardo Chadwick, President of Errazuriz, for this special evening focusing on Errázuriz and the wines of Chile. From the slopes of Aconcagua north of Santiago, Errázuriz were established in 1870 and have established themselves as one of the benchmark wineries of the country. Senor Chadwick will lead us through a tutored tasting of his wines, including Don Maximiano and Vinedo Chadwick, undoubtedly amongst the very finest wines to be produced in South America today.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Barone Ricasoli

Barone Ricasoli Logo Wednesday 6th week (20 November)
7.45 for 8pm
Summer Common Room, Magdalen College


The Brolio estate is where modern Chianti was perfected in 19th century and today, generations later, the family winery still produces a range of Italian wines of aristocratic status. The history of Brolio and that of the Ricasoli Barons have been linked since the 12th century. Tonight we are privileged to host Francesco Ricasoli, the current owner of the estate, for talk and tutored tasting of the famous wines from the region.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Château Fourcas-Hosten

Château Fourcas-Hosten LogoThursday 6th week (21 November)
6.45 for 7pm
New Rooms, Magdalen College


Well known as one of the best Cru Bourgeois in the Listrac-Médoc commune of Bordeaux, Château Fourcas-Hosten produces firm clarets with a long life. Recently rated as one of the top Cru Bourgeois in the 2000 vintage by Decanter magazine, the wines are helping raise the profile of the whole Listrac-Médoc AC. Peter Sichel, co-owner of the châteaux, is flying over from America to visit the Society and present the history of the winery and region. This vertical tasting is a unique opportunity to follow the development of a wine through the 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1986 & 1981 vintages together with recent vintages of their second wine, Les Cédres d'Hosten.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Wines of South-West France

Glass of Red Wine Thursday 7th week (28 November)
7.45 for 8pm
Magdalen College, Summer Common Room

Mauzac, Len de l'Elh, Petit Manseng, Gros Manseng, Petit Courbu, Arufiac among the whites; Duras, Braucol/Fer Servadou, Tannat, Auxerrois among the reds - these may not be exactly household names as grape varieties but they are part of the proud heritage of S-W France and are what make the region's wines so distinctive. Of course you will find Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, even Chardonnay, but they are firmly kept in their place in a supporting role or as even just as vin de pays!

The tasting will consist of 10 wines including wines from winemakers recognised as the leaders in their appellations: Alain Brumont (Madiran), Henri Ramonteu (Jurançon) and Robert Plageoles (Gaillac). It really will be different!

The presenter is Charles Garrett, who holds a WSET diploma in wines and wine tasting, and spends 3 months each year in the region.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Blandy's Madeira

Blandy's Madeira Logo Friday 7th week (29 November)
7.45 for 8pm
New Rooms, Magdalen College


Discovered in the 1400's, the beautiful island of Madeira lies in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco. It has been producing its unique, mellow, fortified wines here since the 1700's and exporting them all over the world. Bandy's, owned by the Madeira Wine Company, is one of the islands best producers, winning a string of gold medals in recent years' International Wine Challenge competitions.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Alois Kracher

Alois Kracher Tuesday 8th week (3 December)
6.45 for 7pm
New Rooms, Magdalen College


In what promises to be one of the most outstanding events of the year, the Society welcomes Alois Kracher, who is flying over from Austria just to join OUWS for the evening. Based in the village of Illmitz, on the east bank of the Neusiedlersee, Alois' sweet wines have been regularly compared to those of Château d'Yquem. Acknowledged as one of the world's greatest dessert wine makers, he has won accolades and admirers from across the globe. Tonight he will present a range of his fabulous and highly sought after dessert wines. This promises to be a very popular evening, please be sure to book early.

30 places. £5 (to be confirmed) payable in advance - please send a cheque (payable to Bacchus Wine Society) to Thomas Heath at Corpus Christi College to book a place.

Emilio Lustau Sherry Tasting

Emilio Lustau Logo Thursday 8th week (5 December)
7.45 for 8pm
Summer Common Room, Magdalen College


One of the largest family run Bodegas in Jerez, Spain, Lustau produce an excellent selection of wines with some world class stars at the top of their range. Tonight we welcome one of the company's Directors, Mr Michael Hall, a recent chairman of the Sherry Shippers' Association. He will be talking to the Society about sherry wines and leading us though an excellent selection from the Lustau range. Robert Parker, perhaps the world's most famous wine critic, says of Lustau: 'simply staggering in quality - sherries such as these remain among the last great unknown wine bargains of the world. They must be tasted to be believed'.

50 places. Please book online. £2 payable on the glass.

Christie's Fine Wine Auction

Christie's Monday 9th week (9 December)
Christie's Auctioneers, South Kensington, London


These days, rightly or wrongly, many fine and rare wines are traded as commodities like blue-chip stocks. Proudly at the centre of this international trade is Christie's of London, an auction house known to many for their fine art sales rather than fine wine. However, with their first wine sale taking place in 1766 and a team of nine highly respected experts on hand to advise clients, this is the one place to buy and sell the world's most famous wines from everyday claret to a bottle of Château Lafite-Rothschild 1784, which sold for £24,200 in November 2000

This afternoon, by special arrangement, Christie's have agreed to host a small number of Bacchus members for a pre-auction tasting. David Elswood (Head of European Wine Sales), Carolyn Holmes (Senior Specialist) and John Bevan (Specialist) will be there to greet us and take our group through the line up of wines and auction itself.

10 places are available. Members are responsible for their own transport arrangements to and from Christie's.

Please email thomas@oxfordwinesociety.org to book a place.

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