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BottlesBacchus are very excited to have some fantastic wine producers and wine merchants coming to speak to the Society this term. We hope that you will be able to join us to discover, learn about and enjoy some exceptional wines.

See below for more details and to book your place at some of our events. (Booking opens seven days in advance. Please cancel your place if you cannot attend a tasting for which you have booked a place.)


Château Musar

Château Musar

Thursday 1st Week (5 May)

Château Musar has been an icon in the wine world since the 1967 vintage was noticed in the UK at the Bristol Wine Fair of 1979. You could attribute its renown to the wine's unique style, its impressive ability to age or the fact that it's fine wine from Lebanon.... (it was even produced throughout Lebanon's civil war)

Regardless of the explanation, Musar makes seriously exciting wine. Our tasting will not only take in the full spectrum of the wines the Chateau produces (white made from Obaideh anyone?), but will climax in a vertical tasting of several Musar vintages of the early and middle 1990s.

45 places available. £5 for members, £10 for non-members, 7:00pm start in the Danson room of Trinity College.

Australia's First Families of Wine: Custodians of the soil


Friday 2nd Week (13 May)

I don't even know how we got these guys to come. I'm really grateful they've agreed. This is a phenomenal Bacchus tasting - and a great opportunity to get out from revision before exams kick off. We don't just have twelve of Australia's finest wines to taste, we also have four members of the twelve Australia's First Families of Wine leading the tasting.

Australia's First Families of Wine (AFFW) are the crème de la cème of Australian wine. Big time. To me these twelve families are at the heart of New World wine royalty. The lineup includes names like Henschke, d'Arenberg and Tahbilk. (Plus Brown Brothers, Campbells, De Bortoli, Howard Park, Jim Barry, McWilliam's, Taylors, Tyrrell's and Yalumba.) And they're all bringing a bottle of their finest.

AFFW are in the UK as part of a series of tastings on their role as "custodians of the soil". These are producers who have a tradition of learning about and caring for their vineyards. I call it a mix of terroir and really caring about where their wine comes from and how good it is.

We're really lucky to have AFFW member joining us to present tour de force of the diversity of the best Australian wine from the Hunter Valley to the Rutherglen. I cannot urge you strongly enough to come along.

60 places available. £5 for members and £10 for non-members. 7pm start, Mure Room, Merton College

Bacchus Introduction to the Northern Rhône

Northern Rhône

Tuesday 3rd Week (17 May)

The Northern Rhône may not win the headlines like Bordeaux and Burgundy, but it is unquestionably a fine wine powerhouse. Rather than attempting to try and convince you myself, I'll cut you a deal - the society will subsidise an Introduction to the Northern Rhône tasting so much that we can include wines like Chateau Grillet and Jaboulet's La Chapelle. If that means nothing to you, then the tasting will enlighten you - these are some of the Northern Rhône's very best wines. And we're tasting them.

Didn't seem fair to do it any other way. It's definitely going to be worth the trip out.

40 places. £10 for members, £15 for non-members. 7pm start, Mure Room, Merton College

Georgian Wine in conjunction with the Georgian Society

Georgian Wine

Wednesday 4th Week (25 May)

Georgia may seem like a strange choice for the basis of a tasting, however it's the oldest wine producing country in the world. The techniques first used to produce wine in Georgia not only formed the basis for early wine making in other parts of the world but have recently come to prominence as modern wine makers look for inspiration from forgotten practices.

Georgia's wine industry seems to be on the cusp of a renaissance. Investment is starting to move back towards the nation's vineyards and the overall impression is that winemakers are more interested in continuing Georgia's heritage for producing quality wines, rather than attempting to establish themselves as a large scale low cost wine producing country. Excellent.

20 places available, £5 for members and £10 for non-members. 7pm start, Mure Room, Merton College

Off the rack tasting at the Oxford Wine Company

Thursday 5th Week (2 June)

Though it's the second time we've done an "off the rack" tasting with the OWC, I'm pretty sure it's going to be totally different. Yet again those attending will be let loose on the shelves of the OWC's shop on Botley Road to bring back bottles of whatever they want to taste. Last time we ran this tasting it was a lot of fun. I hope you can make it along this time. Lee, the manager of the shop, and I will be doing our best to enlighten you about the wines as we go. Though it's not like we can prepare anything..... I hope to see you there.

20 places available. £5 for members, £10 for non-members. Arrive from 7.45pm to start at 8pm at the Oxford Wine Company Store, 167 Botley Road, OX2 0PB. Map is here: http://bit.ly/9gYuPY

d'Oliveira Madeira Tasting

Madeira Wines

Tuesday 6th Week (7 June)

You wouldn't have thought that some of the world's greatest and most age worthy wines came into being as a result of barrels of wine from a small island being left to roll around on the sun beaten decks of merchant's ships.

Sounds a pretty crazy way to make wine, right? Not if it's Madeira. (Though it's not actually sent on ocean voyages to age nowadays. Unsurprisingly.)

I normally describe Madeira as seriously tasty - and it is totally under-explored given that it is seriously interesting fine wine that can easily age for 100 years. Waitrose had a 1910 on their shelves quite recently. Madeira comes in a variety of styles ranging from the very dry to the very sweet and tonight we're going to taste a whole spectrum from one of the very best producers in the business, d'Oliveira. You might not have heard of them but they are one of the biggest guns of Madeira.

We might even venture back a few decades and see how some of the wines from the 60s and 70s are drinking...

40 places. £5 for members, £10 for non-members. 7:00pm start, Mure room, Merton College.

Maison Albert Bichot with Richard Bampfield MW (and AGM)

Maison Albert Bichot

Tuesday 7th Week (14 June)

It's seriously sexy Burgundy time again. I know I extolled its virtues around this time last term for the Bouchard Père et Fils tasting, but I have good reason. Good Burgundy is phenomenal stuff and tonight we're tasting it. Maison Albert Bichot aren't one of the biggest names in the business, but those in the know recognise that they have been on the up for a while now and are making superb wine - they outperformed DRC in a recent tasting.

I'm extremely excited to say that the tasting will be led by a Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield, making this an incredible opportunity to learn about Burgundy and get down and dirty with the intricacies of terroir.

We've also got a committee to elect for next year - anyone interested in playing a part in running the society and drinking the left-over wine, send me an email; alexander.linsley@gmail.com

40 places. £5 for members, £10 for non-members. 7pm, Mure Room.

Terroir: A Grand Cru tasting

Grand Cru

Tuesday 8th Week (21 June)

Tonight we shall taste wines from the finest terroirs the world knows.

The evening will bring another year of Bacchus to a close. It's the first year of our second decade and though we're not yet ancient, we do have some great traditions. Notably, the tradition of stunning Grand Cru tastings. Particularly, the tradition of even more impressive end-of-year Grand Cru tastings. If you remember the awesomeness of the wines in this tasting last year with Alex, or the year before that with Rob, you'll know where this is going:

We're emptying the Society's bank account for the year and spending it on truly phenomenal wine. All I'm saying is that I have a dream of Armand Rousseau at Bacchus and this is my last chance to realise it....

60 places, 7:00pm Mure Room, Merton College. £30 for members and £40 for non-members.

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