[glass] Events: Trinity 2016

Bottles Bacchus are very excited to have some fantastic wine producers coming to speak to the Society this term. We hope that you will be able to join us to discover, learn about and enjoy some exceptional wines.

See below for more details and to book your place at some of our events.

Booking opens seven days in advance. Please cancel your place if you cannot attend a tasting for which you have booked a place.

Annual Members Meeting

As the term comes to an end soon, we will have our annual members meeting. This will take place right before the Fine Wine Tasting. The aim is to elect the key committee members of next year's Bacchus committee, including the President, Secretary, Webmaster and Treasurer and assemble a team to run the Society next year. Please come to this meeting and have a say on who is running Bacchus next year even if you do not manage to get a place for the Fine Wine Tasting afterwards. If you are keen on getting involved with Bacchus next year and haven't gotten in touch with us yet, please send us a quick email to get more information. You can, of course, also express your interest for one of the positions right at the meeting.

Tuesday Week 6 (31st May), 6.50 pm, Saskatchewan room @ Exeter College


Italian wine tasting


Wednesday Week 1 (27th April)

This week, meet Marco from Italy - an international wine broker for Italian and European wines. With decades of wine industry experience and based in Italy, he knows Italian wines inside out - from the rural and rustic lesser known varietals, to the big and bold Amarones, Barolo's and Chianti's. This week, he will be showcasing various premium up-and-coming wines. These include three from Piedmont, a Roero made in the typical method and a Roero arnei and Roero sparkling made in the Classic method. After one of the most typical grape of Piedmont that is Barbera Superiore d'Alba. He will also be showcasing others from Campania, like the Greco di tufo and Falanghina that are 100% single grape. The last wine is an Aglianico but this is a blend of 85% Aglianico and 15% Merlot to balance this wine in perfect way. We look forward to seeing you here!

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 6.45pm for 7pm start, Blue Boar Exhibition Space, Christ Church

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Hotel-Weingut Barth


Tuesday Week 2 (3rd May)

This week we will present Hotel-Weingut Barth to you, a little family run winery in the south of Germany's up shooting wine region Nahe. Here, Reinhold Barth and his son Gregor (ranked one of Germany's top 5 young wine makers last year) are deeply involved in every step of the wine making process and their dedication is beautifully reflected in their single vineyard, single varietal wines. Germany is best known for its Riesling, but the Barth's also work with a number of other varietals classically grown in Germany including Grauburgunder (pinot gris), Weissburgunder (pinot blanc), Auxxerois, Spätburgunder (pinot noir) and Dornfelder. The tasting will give you an excellent opportunity to get an introduction in German wines outside just Rieslings and show you some of the remarkable stuff done by small producers in Germany.

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 6.45pm for 7pm start, Blue Boar Exhibition Space, Christ Church

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Every Day Wine - Super Supermarket

Tuesday Week 3 (10th May)

Super Supermarket!

All of us like fine wine, but how many of us can afford it every day? It's a fact that over 80% of all wine sold in the UK is from a supermarket and, hiding among the mediocre, there are fantastic bargains to be had. One should not have to be underwhelmed by what is available, as supermarket wine buyers are actually among the best brains in the industry. Jackie Ang from Cherwell Wine Academy will be here to share what to do when confronted with the wine aisles in the supermarkets and will bring along a set of great tasting wines for the times when you just need a bottle of something urgently to go with dinner or share with friends. There's something here for everybody, so do come along.

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 7.15pm for 7.30pm start, St Catz College

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Wines of Italy


Thursday Week 4 (19th May)

After a stellar presentation on Argentinian wines in Hilary, Lee Isaacs is back to introduce his second love (wine wise) to us: Wines of Italy. Lee, has been working in the wine business for years now and is currently engaged in wine education for Winematters here in Oxford, so will be our ideal guide for a lovely and highly entertaining introduction into one of the most classic wine growing countries in the world. The Oxford University Blind Tasting Society will be our partner on this tasting and half the wines will be tasted blind so that you can explore this other way of approaching wine too. So do take your chance for a great introduction to Italian wines.

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 7.15pm for 7.30pm start, Saskatchewan room in Exeter College

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Fine Wine Tasting

Tuesday Week 6 (31st May)

On this Fine Wine Tasting we will explore a range of sparkling wines, white wines, red wines and sweet wines from all over the world. The twist will be that the wines will be substantially subsidized by the surplus the Society managed to make this year and the tasting is our way of thanking you for all your support and interest in the Society. So be prepared for some lovely wine delights!

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 7.10pm start, Saskatchewan room in Exeter College. The tasting will start after the annual BACCHUS members meeting.

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Gifts to the Society Tasting

Tuesday Week 7 (7th May)

On Tuesday, 7th of June, we will host our final event for this term, our Gifts to the Society Tasting. Contrary to our usual tastings, this event is not focused on exploring a particular range of wines. Instead, we want to invite you to come along and have a casual chat with us and among each other over some of the bottles that have been gifted to us by the various producers that have visited us this year. This will hopefully give you the chance to catch up with some of the people you have met during the tastings or make friends with others that you might see again when we are back in Michaelmas. So if you fancy a casual evening and possibly giving us some feedback on our work, come along and enjoy.

40 places available. £5 for members, £10 for guests. 6.45pm for 7.00pm start, Saskatchewan room in Exeter College.

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