(updated: Jan 2016)

academic appointments
2016- Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy, University of Oxford
Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford
2015-2016 Fairfax Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford
Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy elect, University of Oxford
2007-2015 Fairfax Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford
CUF Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Oxford
2005-2007 Junior Research Fellow, The Queen’s College, Oxford
visiting appointments and awards
2010 Visiting Professor, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT
2014 New Insights in Religious Epistemology (2 terms of teaching replacements)
2014 Philip Leverhulme Prize (100,000 GBP over 3 years)
2004-2007 DPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford.
Title: ‘Category Mistakes’; Supervisor: Timothy Williamson
2002-2004 BPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford
Options: Aristotle, Formal Logic, Philosophy of Logic and Language
1998-2002 BSc in Philosophy, Mathematics, and Computer Science
Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Category Mistakes, Oxford University Press (2013)


  • ‘Category mistakes and figurative language', forthcoming in Philosophical Studies
  • ‘Endurantism vs. Perdurantism?: A debate reconsidered, forthcoming in Nous
  • ‘Reflections on reasons’, (with John Hawthorne), forthcoming in Daniel Star, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity
  • ‘The myth of the de se’ forthcoming in Philosophical Perspectives
  • ‘Why neither diachronic universalism nor the argument from Vagueness establishes perdurantism', Candian Journal of Philosophy 45:113-126
  • ‘Semantic Sovereignty’, (with Stephen Kearns), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 85 (2012): 322-350
  • ‘Strict Finitism and the Happy Sorites’, Journal of Philosophical Logic 41 (2012): 471-491.
  • ‘Arbitrary Reference’, (with Wylie Breckenridge), Philosophical Studies 158 (2012): 377-400.
  • ‘Arguments by Leibniz’s Law in Metaphysics’, Philosophy Compass 6 (2011): 180-195.
  • ‘Assertion and Epistemic Opacity’, (with John Hawthorne), Mind 119 (2010): 1087-1105.
  • ‘Natural Language and How We Use It: Psychology, Pragmatics, and Presupposition’, (extended critical notice of Soames, Philosophical Essays vol. 1), Analysis 70 (2010): 160-174.
  • ‘Category Mistakes are Meaningful’, Linguistics & Philosophy 32 (2009): 553-581.
  • ‘The Last Dogma of Type-confusions’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 109 (2009): 1-29.
  • ‘Assertion, Context, and Epistemic Accessibility’, (with John Hawthorne), Mind 118 (2009): 377-197.
  • ‘Epistemicism about vagueness and Meta-linguistic Safety’, (with Stephen Kearns) Philosophical Perspectives 22 (2008): 277-304.
  • ‘Another Note on Zeno’s Arrow’, Phronesis 53 (2008), pp. 359-272.
  • ‘Strict Finitism Refuted?’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society VII (2007): 403-411.

book reviews

  • Review of Peter Ludlow, The Philosophy of Generative Linguistics, Analysis 72 (2012): 844-846.
  • Review of Robert Stalnaker, Our Knowledge of the Internal World, Philosophical Review 119 (2010): 384-391.

remainder of CV to be updated...