Older Talks

27.11.2007 The London Logic and Metaphysics Form, The Institute of Philosophy, London, Epistemicism about vagueness and meta-linguistic safety (paper with Stephen Kearns)
10.11.2007 11th Annual Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference, Response to Nate Charlow, ‘Proper names, presuppositions, and the a priori’
08.11.2007 Departmental seminar, department of Philosophy, Durham University, Why some nonsense makes sense
04.11.2007 University of Oslo (CSMN), Implicature Workshop, Response to Timothy Williamson, ‘Reference, inference and the semantics of pejoratives’
28.08.2007 University of Oslo (CSMN), Reference Workshop, Arbitrary reference (paper with Wylie Breckenridge)
23.06.2007 Second Oxford-Paris Philosophy of Language Workshop, University of Oxford, Assertion, context and epistemic accessibility (with John Hawthorne)